Electronic Arts No Longer the Evil Empire of Gaming. Who is?

PS University writes "Since the next generation has started, Electronic Arts has been looked at by gamers as the "evil empire" of the gaming industry. Not only has the company been accused of buying up developers and shutting them down to avoid competition, but they've also been accused of attempting to monopolize the industry. We've seen them attempt to acquire Take-Two Interactive, which simply put, would have been a huge blow to the industry in the sports genre. Furthermore the company was allegedly going to release a console of their own – crippling the industry in its entirety with its vast lineup of titles and exclusivity on half of the sports genre (especially had they bought Take-Two). Also, who can forget the 2006 Madden commercial featuring the Philadelphia Eagles and New York Giants? If that wasn't the most overhyped look into the future of gaming this generation, I don't know what was. However, we all know the type of train wreck Madden 2006 was in general, right?"

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Delta3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

"ACTIVATION". Their Evil, Evil I Tell Ya.

WildArmed3295d ago

DING DING DING DING we have a winner!

Pebz3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

There can only be one...? is this the Highlander or what? There are plenty of evil empires of gaming out there, some of them just go about it more cleverly, at times, *seemingly* caring about their costumers more then they do about money.

One of the big reasons evil empire*s* can pull of stuff like Activision is doing now, and like EA used to, is because people just watch the current baddy. So when someone else pulls off their evil genius schemes, people just go "Huh? I totally didn't expect that from the good guys".

This whole thing is handled as if taken straight out of the propaganda handbook (read: http://library.thinkquest.o... ). That bandwagon train only leads to disappointment I'm afraid.

CobraKai3294d ago

Definitely Activision. They pretty much sealed it with their desire to create games they can exploit on a yearly basis. After games like Dead Space and Mirrors Edge, EA actually looks like they are changing to a company that cares about the gamer.

The Killer3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

1: MS (the mother of all evil)
2: Activision (son of the devil)
3: EA (they calmed down because their sales decreased because of their arrogance but they are still evil)

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Foxgod3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

Arent all gaming company's evil, in the eyes of sonyfans ?
95 % of all developers are being called lazy by them......

Pennywise3294d ago

Why are you calling out Sony fans? It is getting old Fox.

Isaac3294d ago

So it's alright to demonize Sony fans and nobody else... lmao, you're pathetic. Don't forget that whenever you're pointing a finger, three fingers are pointing at you.

The saddest thing is that you're a fanboy and you don't even realize it.

Microsoft Xbox 3603294d ago

I am not one to call them lazy but instead, incompetent. That does not mean their evil.

NMC20073294d ago

It's not that all companies are evil to Sony fans, it's that they hold Sony as their lord and savior and it seems like they hate everyone else because they seem to protect Sony and anyone around Sony with their lives and anyone whom has put out a multiplatform game is crap to them.

Remember Square before the FFXIII fiasco? FFXIII was their loaded weapon against Xbox fans, whoops! Then they turned to FFVersusXIII, and what would happen if that went multi? They will pray for FFVII remake again, N4G is the Church of Sony and anyone who wrongs Sony(goes multi)is of no importance to Sony's followers.

duplissi3294d ago

your silly you little fox......

Darkseider3294d ago

It's because Fox has nothing better to do. Fact is that Sony fans call devs lazy when they are lazy. The most recent examples being Bayonetta and Ghostbusters. Granted they aren't horrible but sure not what they could be. This is the definition of LAZY. We all know the other devs that do proper multi-plat work have a solid product. Mirror's Edge, Batman:AA, CoD4, CoD5, FIFA, Burnout Paradise, Ninja Gaiden, etc.. plenty of examples where the devs do the work they are supposed to and show an excellent product as a result. So yes Foxgod devs are lazy especially with the excellent multi-plats out there from competent devs and the exclusives like Killzone 2, Uncharted series, Motorstorm series, etc.. proves what can be done on a PS3.

Nicaragua3294d ago

There are some good points here but i thought it was worth mentioning that Foxgod is an utter bellend.

WildArmed3294d ago

Arent all reviewers evil coz they gave Uncharted 2 high scores in the eye of xbox fans?

yeah.. see what i did there? -.-

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Nihilism3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

square enix deserves an honourable mention for their general douchbagerry this gen

EDIT: how can you defend their only current business strategy of porting ps1 games to DS,and that's all. ff13....their first current gen game.....4 years late. Oops, nearly forgot about last remnant, god that game was bad

3294d ago
WildArmed3294d ago

The most money they are making off is games liek Chrono Trigger ported onto DS.
(Chrono Trigger is by far the best RPG i've played, but still.. i hate when they abuse a game like that) Get your ass moving and try developing games instead of having 90% of your staff working on solely porting games and everything else taht revolves around it

Ron_Burgundy3294d ago

Activision is teh winner!!!

NMC20073294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

Look at this, another article speaking of Activision, Bobby has done his job and you all got sucked right into his portal, Activision has been the talk of the town for a few months now and I really cannot believe that people cannot see that all Bobby is doing is keeping his company on everyones mind.

Bobby 10
Gamers 0


Oh and Bobby also realizes that gamers are full of shiz when it comes to nerd rage and protests, you all will continue to buy Activision games and he knows it. lolz

DiffusionE3294d ago

As much as i hate to admit it, you're right. Most people, even in here, are gonna keep buying Activision games anyway. So our little rant in here don't mean squat to a man like Bobby Kotick.

He'll say anything he wants, many of us will respond angrily, but I'm sure 98% of us will still buy whatever garbage his company dishes out. Don't believe me? Watch out for Modern Warfare 2 sales. They're gonna skyrocket upwards. THAT is why he can say what he says and still smile confidently.

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