On The Future Of Home: If You Ask For It, They'll Build It

Kotaku: So while Buser declined to announce any plans to somehow integrate the PSP Go directly into Home, he very enthusiastically said that the potential is there.

Potential, he said, is what drives Home's expansion. The potential is there for developers to build spaces that connect with the fans. The potential is there for fans to demand things from developers. To that end, says Buser, if you want to see something in Home… ask for it.

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Myst3298d ago

Demon's Souls area please.

Baba19063298d ago

i love this game. the best rpg this gen for me. an home place for this would be cool.

HDgamer3298d ago

Night Club and trophy area please!

whothedog3298d ago (Edited 3298d ago )

They need a outside park with a bunch of board games set up, get the 3 out of the mall and make a space, have tournaments like the one time long time go. But more than just chess, like checkers, uker, card games anything.

Being able to buy board games and set them up anywhere would be cool, play monopoly haha

I think a arcade space with either newer or good games and pay like 5cents to play or something would be kind of cool, mortal kombat against people

bringing my Mortal kombat game I bought from PSN store being able to convert that to a arcade machine in my house in Home and play against people I bring back to my place.

A computer in your home so you can twitter or facebook, or maybe on your psp thing(start menu)

Sell your music through home in a space, with music videos playing in the space, could show discounts of certain artist. Dance floor

sending gifts such as shirts or other items to people would be nice

incorporate game shows and have people compete for home prizes, Jepordy, Wheel of fortune

LBP with top 10 user generated levels on a board or acknowledge great levels by showing them off in pic or video

show of some movies or shows in theater! have a PPV in theater you can pay for to watch(eh I don't like that though, just a thought though.), get exclusive trailers where they can only be seen is in home.

Godmars2903298d ago

Mech bay please.

Specifically, given the one in Home plaza all by its lonesome, a mech bay from Lost Planet 2. Would really like to see one set in either built into a mountain or a moving land carrier. With a terrace that has giant Acrid roaming far - far - in the distance.

If they were really smart they could sell it as an apartment connected to the mech bay with types of mechs in the game being made viewable as trophies are unlocked.

But then this is Capcom and Sony...