EA Russia mentions Left 4 Dead 2 for PS3

VG247: The EA Russian website has listed a PlayStation 3 version of Left 4 Dead 2, alongside the 360 version already listed on the site.


Update: EA insist both listings for Mass Effect 2 and Left 4 Dead 2 were posted in “error“.

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andron3346d ago

I do believe Mass Effect will come to PS3 eventually, but Left 4 Dead is more doubtful. I think MS will hold on to that one with it's last breath.

Unless they manage to piss off Valve, you never know....

Dragun6193346d ago (Edited 3346d ago )

EA Russia lists Mass Effect 2, then lists Left 4 Dead 2, both for PS3.

Either EA Russia did a mistake;
or EA Russia leaked plans that Bioware/EA is really bringing Mass Effect 2 or Left 4 Dead 2 for PS3. (Though I really doubt Left 4 Dead 2 will come to the PS3 at least not at Launch)

Seriously though, Valve doesn't want to deal with the PS3 so its up to EA if they want to actually try to port it over like they did with Orange Box.
And Bioware gives statements that gives us curiosity that it will come to the PS3 such as

Matt Atwood, the company's PR man, was quoted last year saying "I believe we'll be Xbox 360 exclusive for at least a short period of time."

And BioWare writer Patrick Weekes comment on the listings via BioWare's official forums, saying "we don't comment on rumors :-)"

Honestly, EA needs to sort this mess up. And if they are bringing Mass Effect to the PS3, I say make a Mass Effect Collection with Mass Effect 1&2 in a Dual Layered Blu Ray (50gb), Perfect for those who hasn't played the series and only has a PS3.

morganfell3346d ago

It should be considered that by not bringing L4D2 to the PS3, Valve is tossing aside what would undoubtedly be tens of millions of dollars, potentially over one hundred million. Unless there is an exclusivity deal in place, there comes a point in time where it is financial suicide for a 3rd party not to do so.

Particularly when all that is left is some recoding and engineering. The rest of the title - art, modeling, level design, etc is already complete. In the case of Mass Effect, stockholders begin to get restless when a company passes on a Multiplatform title.

The more we see titles like Uncharted 2, hearing Valve complain about the technical aspects of the PS3 begins to sound more like incompetence on their part rather than legitimate concerns.

fishd3346d ago

Now EA is just trolling PS3 fans!!

SullyDrake3346d ago

It would be neat if BioWare handled a Left 4 Dead 2 port to PS3. Just an interesting thought.

Left 4 Dead 2 looks solid and I'll be getting it on 360. I bought the first for 360 and I like consistency.

evrfighter3346d ago (Edited 3346d ago )

"Valve is tossing aside what would undoubtedly be tens of millions of dollars, potentially over one hundred million. Unless there is an exclusivity deal in place, there comes a point in time where it is financial suicide for a 3rd party not to do so."

says some guy on teh interwebz.

FPS games do not sell well on the ps3. If they started catering to the console crowd. They'd in turn be losing hundreds of millions of dollars due to a pissed off community.

see what I did there?

LtSkittles3346d ago

@1.1 If L4d2 gets a PS3 port I do believe it wouldn't be at launch either, because it comes out next month. I welcome the new series if we as PS3 owners get them, but I want EA to do the ports, or a company who is familiar with the PS3, because we don't want another Orange Box fiasco(all of them are good games, but I've never tried ME).

bruddahmanmatt3346d ago

I dunno what the big deal is. We have enough multi-console shovelware on the PS3 as it is. Even if these two games did migrate over to the PS3 all it would mean is two more games for me to pick up when they go on clearance. I'm sorry but while ME1 and L4D weren't the worst games in the world they're certainly far from being the best.

morganfell3346d ago (Edited 3346d ago )

I saw what you did. You made an incorrect, shortsighted assumption.

All I see is that you think the PS3 fanbase isn't growing. In that, I see you are wrong. I see plenty of FPS fans already and more coming on board since the Slim/Price Drop. Plenty of 360 fans. That is a fact. See what I did there?

Acting as if the PS3 fanbase isn't going to grow, expand, or encompass more people with more varied tastes is being naive.

And since you ignored it, you are also just some guy on the 'interwebz'.

Personally I couldn't care less for L4D. I love shooters but I have the first one on the PC and it didn't so anything for my tastes. Quite frankly unless I am tossing back beers, it isn't a game I care for in the least. FPS titles where you put your mind in neutral have never found favor with me. I would hazard to guess many early PS3 adopters felt similarly.

evrfighter3346d ago (Edited 3346d ago )

"I saw what you did. You made an incorrct, shortsighted assumption. "
"And since you ignored it, you are also just some guy on the 'interwebz'. "

You don't catch on quick do you? What do you think the whole point to my post was?

Your entire ps3 is growing blah blah argument can be the exact same argument for steam. They make more profit selling their own game for $39 on steam than EA does selling a game $59 at brick and mortar. If you don't know why you truly have been brainwashed.


I understand what you're getting at. It's certainly safe to say Valve could sell a million on the ps3. But they are riding a boat made of gold in a river full of cash with steam.

To be able to come out and say they don't want to build for the ps3 and then to do things that would get PR guys fired for saying what they said about the ps3...That only means they are financially secure. And how did they get to this point? PC Gamers

I can guarantee you. pc gamers would indeed be pissed at Valve for catering to console gamers. They would lose money but there's no telling how much. Only Valve would have the best answer for that since steam sales are very secretive.

Dragun6193346d ago (Edited 3346d ago )

"FPS games do not sell well on the ps3."

@ EverFighter

Killzone 2 sold 2 million
Resistance sold 3.63 million
Resistance sold 1.5 million

The way I see it, there losing potential sales by not bringing it to PS3. I mean come on 1 million PS3s sold in three weeks. Why not use the PS3 slim sales while they are hot.

I'm Sure, 1-2 million in potential sales justifies for a port unless they just don't want to deal with it (Valve).

Alvadr3346d ago

Ugh, we dont want this game on the PS3... No Thank you. We can do far better.

Pandamobile3346d ago (Edited 3346d ago )

Regarding Valve and the PS3, Valve doesn't like it because of its CPU architecture.

Valve has already shifted heavily into multicore processing. I read a bunch of their conference papers and they really went in depth on what multi-core means for each platform.

The PS3 only has one core. PC's have 1-4 (soon 6 and 8), and the 360 has 3.

For a game to work effectively on the PS3, you have to pretty much break it down and start from scratch. Since the PS3 only has one physical core, it offloads the load onto 6 SPE's (it has 8, but only 6 are usable by a dev). And this is where the major problem lies. Everything has to be specially coded and allocated to each SPE. One may do audio processing, one AI, one for physics, etc. But each SPE has a very tiny amount of memory which makes things even harder.

Long story short, the only way games really run well on the PS3 is if they were designed to do so in the first place. The Source engine was originally conceived in 2004, and has since gone through 3 major overhauls. The Episode 1 version of the engine added HDR lighting. The Orange Box engine added multi-core support and a 64 bit Source engine. The L4D engine drastically improved ont he multi-core support and added lots of filmic effects as well as the ability to have large amounts of AI present on the screen (goes hand in hand with multi-core support).

All of these improvements have been for the PC side of development since Valve's priority is the PC community, but since the 360's CPU architecture is quite similar to that used on modern PC CPU's, it carries over fairly easily.

This is largely why there won't be any more Valve games on the PS3.

The website is also void of the PC version. Methinks someone in Russia thinks PC = PS3.

morganfell3346d ago

Just let him go Dragun. He is one of these people that apparently thinks since you can make 100 million selling a PC game then you should ignore 60 million for putting the game on another console.

All intelligent people know that all of one's eggs in one basket has never worked. Leave him to his idea of logic.

slayorofgods3346d ago (Edited 3346d ago )
EA has listed this game twice now, Interesting???

LtSkittles3346d ago

"wow this didn't just happen in Russia
EA has listed this game twice now, Interesting???"

If you read the article you posted you would know that was from June.

HarukoHex3346d ago

morganfell you say valve is throwing money away.

what money, all ps3 owners do is bash the game. valve knows they won't make money of anyone of those users. same for mass effect it caught alot of flake when it came out from the same user group.

I feel bad for SE because the same group trashes them, because they wanted to bring a game to another system *IE 360*

so let me get this straight, your all for putting games from the 360 to the ps3, but putting ps3 games to the 360 is a sin....



Pandamobile3346d ago

At the end of the day, Valve are PC developers. The 360 ports are just extra cash. They really mean nothing to them.

Their focus is 90% PC and 10% 360.

On the PC, that's where Valve's community and fanbase is. They own a platform with more than 20,000,000 users, they make more than twice as much revenue selling a PC version of a game than a 360 version.

On the 360 side, L4D might get a patch every couple of months, and have to pay for DLC which PC users get for free.

Sarcasm3346d ago

I don't think Left4Dead 2 will go to the PS3. Yes it could be extra money, but it's not like Valve is a bunch of poor hobos on the street looking for crackers.

And come on, they haven't made a new engine in YEARS.

If anything, the only way we'll see a Valve game on PS3 is if they make an engine similar to that of what id is doing, to be able to run on PS3/360/PC.

vhero3346d ago

The fact Gabe may be retiring soon might have something to do with the game coming to ps3..

SuperM3346d ago

"MS will hold on to that one with it's last breath"

There is a big misconception that MS has anything to do with Left 4 Dead 2 and the platforms its published on. The game itself is being published by EA not MS and could come out on any platform except for the fact that Valve doesnt seem very interested in the PS3.

MS however doesnt have any leverage over this. Its totally up to Valve or EA to make a port.

TheDeadMetalhead3346d ago (Edited 3346d ago )

EDIT: F*** it. Nevermind.

morganfell3346d ago (Edited 3346d ago )

I love it when people just make things up. Here, let me straighten you out.

If L4D were a 360 game I would say leave it on the 360. But it isn't. It's already a multiplatform game. You may think "Only on Xbox" means it is a single platform game but it isn't.

I am guessing (correctly) that Valve will tell you the PC is a viable platform.

So no, you are wrong, wrong, wrong, 3 kinds of wrong. I am not for putting 360 games on the PS3 and I am not for putting PS3 games on the 360 (yes that last part was the only thing you got right and even that was by default).

But I am for putting PC games that are already multiplatform, AND ARE NOT FIRST PARTY GAMES, on other platforms.

frostypants3346d ago

Heh..."posted in error" is a FAR cry from the information within the post being wrong. Neither Bioware or EA have outright denied the ME2/L4D2 items.

That said, L4D is a total PC game. I have no desire to play a console port of it on any system.

loser3346d ago

aint you the same guy that was posting not so long ago that epic were making gears 2 for the ps3, and that they were going to announce it at e3 09??? lol

seriously, after reading what you said in those threads, and then the way you tried to deny it afterwards, i cant believe you have the front to show your face around here....let alone try and call people out.

anyway, both could come to the ps3. but whateve happens, i will get them both for my 360, not my ps3. why, because they will come first to the 360 and i dont want to wait to play either games.

hades073346d ago

Who cares what systems you are for putting games on, a good game is a good game. If it's exclusive to a system but eventually comes out for another after like Bioshock did, and more people enjoy it who can't afford two or three systems, go for it.

Bobby Kotex3346d ago (Edited 3346d ago )

Oh well i'll just buy them for the PC along with Alan Wake and Splinter Cell. LOL. Where are those 360 exclusives everyone's talking about?

L4D on the PC destroys whatever crap is on the xbox anyway.

Persistantthug3346d ago

All left 4 Dead is really, is a glorified, sophisticated MOD.

Pandamobile3346d ago

Oh look, the guy that has no clue a what a game mod is - is back to spread hate for L4D.

somerandomdude3346d ago

L4D2, hmmmmm, I'm somewhat interested. Yet I still have to buy U2, GOW3, GT5, R&C, & Demons Souls first. I honestly don't know if I'll even make it to this game.

Pandamobile3346d ago

If you're stuck with only a PS3, you ain't gettin' the game at all.

PATthePlague3345d ago (Edited 3345d ago )

Mass Effect 2 is definitely coming to ps3 one way or the other. But honestly, do u really want this game? I have the first one for the 360 and it sucks balls. I would never buy this game again. Left 4 dead is best played on the PC because it is supported by valve better on the pc platform. So really this article is irrelevant. At least to me.

slayorofgods3345d ago (Edited 3345d ago )

Your right, Mass Effect is over rated. While the graphics and story are good, the game play sucks. Maybe it's o.k. for people that find normal rpg's too complicated or for people that prefer shooters and are able to ignore the usual complicated features of a rpg. But even by doing this the interactive world / supposed cities feel very limited and bogged down. This game is definitely amateur from a rpg perspective.

somerandomdude3345d ago

You are right. Because I'm stuck with a PS3 I have so many more better games to buy that I'll probably skip buying L4D2 for my P.C.

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Megaton3346d ago (Edited 3346d ago )

This happened on the American EA website a little while back too. Would have dismissed it outright if it wasn't for the placeholder box art someone went to the trouble of creating.

Who knows. I'm certainly not holding my breath.

TheHater3346d ago (Edited 3346d ago )

I cannot hold my breath any longer. I will just let this cat hold its breath for me until/if the game is announce for the PS3

Why the disagree? I guess someone fail to see the humor in my comment. The internetz failz at the humorz

Baba19063346d ago

its not gonna happen. its so obvious that this is a mistake. its the same with mass effect. i mean i would love it. couse i dont own a xbox but i just dont believe this. this is just to make people hype over this games. if the game would come someday they would announce it in an event or something.

BabyStomper50003346d ago

Two games with two engines that run better on PC architecture.