Hardcore Gamer: Uncharted 2 Review

"Sequel to quite possibly the best new IP from Sony this generation is Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, a game that carries Nathan Drake's grave robbing antics even further. Having nearly escaped the curse of the last game, Drake has gone on another adventure to follow the trail of Marco Polo and discover the Cintamani Stone from a mythical city. But of course, nothing ever goes as planned for Drake, as he's caught up in a psychopathic war criminal's seek for power. There has been a lot of buzz around this game, offering a robust storyline, breathtaking visuals, and newly added multiplayer elements, but how did it turn out? "

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umair_s514230d ago

Category: thievery? Lol

Relientk774230d ago

yea what happened to action adventure?

the site has nice screenshots btw

WildArmed4230d ago

lol. Yeah the screenies arre nice.
cant wait till tuesday

4230d ago
WildArmed4230d ago

man it'd be alot more effect if you posted this in every thread/artcile @ gametrailers, instead of nn44ggggggg.comzzzzz

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Shadow Man4230d ago

Microsoft paid them off or they are Xbots.

Droid logic FTW!!

ThatCanadianGuy4230d ago

Paying $60 for a 5 hour DLC and the same MP maps you already have.

Bot logic FTW

xxBATTLECATxx4230d ago

you know what just crossed my mind?
i love how sony is bringing new IPs to the table, its what defines a generation.

crash bandicoot, spyro, cloud

kratos, ratchet, jak, wanderer

Cole, sackboy, drake.

WildArmed4230d ago

Only if Nariko was coming baccckk :(

Sarcasm4230d ago

That's how Sony rolls.

It's not just Mario. Super Mario. Super Mario Wii. Super Mario Galaxy. Super Mario Galaxy 2. Super duper Mario Galaxy HD Wii 2 edition. Super super Mario Galaxy Hd Wii 2 edition 2.

You get the point.

Syronicus4230d ago

With Sony, you don't have to play another "Halo" game every year. You don't get rushed racing sims that look no different than the last game released and you don't have to play another Mario. Instead, you get great new IP's along with refreshing looks into returning IP's. Even the returning IP's look awesome. Ratchet has never looked better and plays awesome!

Superduper094230d ago

Man this game is so good. I played the multiplayer mode for 12 hours straight on Saturday lol.

WildArmed4230d ago

*high fives*
Didnt wanna leave ya hanging =p

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