In Reality, PS3 Leads the Xbox 360 by 1.5 Million Units in Europe

From the US to Europe to Japan, the PS3 Slim has dominated sales charts and in the first month of availability, Sony's flagship console went on to sell 1 million units world wide, with almost half of them in Europe. It's not difficult math at all, in fact, if Microsoft does not revise their strategy, the Xbox 360 will be facing a blowout in Europe against the PS3 in the coming months and years.

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WildArmed3479d ago

Waaaittt. why does the research link point to wikipedia? o_o

Anywayz, Kudos to Sony :)

deadreckoning6663479d ago

more Europeans to play with I guess

3479d ago
v1c1ous3479d ago

yup. nothing wrong with this article AT ALL!

Major_Tom3479d ago

It's something called [citation],

glennc3479d ago

@ aceitman - little bit bitter are we.

evrfighter3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

a blog that cites wiki where the worldwide ps3's sold "[citation]" links to this...

"PlayStation 3 Will Catch Up to the Xbox 360 in 2011"

There you have it folks. Predictions are now considered fact on teh interwebz. lol

sirbigam3479d ago

It's okay man let it out, and don't worry dude we won the war.

MNicholas3479d ago

When you buy an extended warranty (replacement plan) from Best Buy (or any electronics retailer) and turn-in your broken console for a new one it technically counts as a sale.

A less reliable product will not only have a higher extended warranty attach rate (much easier to convince customers) but also have artificially inflated retail sales totals.

WildArmed3479d ago


Not to be a party pooper and all, but wikipedia isnt really a source. Its user generated info that may or may not be crap.

So try to comprehend why it was pointed out before jumping to such an obvious answer.

Ofc its a citation, but everyone probably knows that in college (heck even High school) wikipedia cannot be used as a source.

Anywayz, BANZAI SONY! :)

lowcarb3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

Shut up and quit whining. If you don't like the way things are then just move along. It's all bias not just against PS3.

@sirbigan: What war? Some of you people are very sad individuals for thinking we are at war. The only conflict should be between MS and SONY not us losers.

WildArmed3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

every1 at N4G secretly works for Sony or MS o_o
*hides* I'm waiting for my paycheck....... oh wait I'm in college. too bad eh? =/ otherwise I'd get a free paycheck every month from MS n Sony like every1 else :)

kws10653479d ago

Now in US, PS3 is 7.7 millions behind (Based on NPD).
In Japan, PS3 is 2.3 millions ahead (Based on Media Create).

So far, 5.4 millions behind. If you know the difference between PS3 and 360 worldwide, you can see how many PS3's are more or less sold in the other places. And now, based on this article, the difference between two consoles worldwide is about 4 millions!

It won't take that long to pass the 360 sales. Maybe during the first half of next year?

WildArmed3479d ago

Considering the ps3 slim sold 1 mil so fast, i wouldnt be surprised.
Wait till christmas shopping, thats when the most consoles will move.

commodore643479d ago

... Research?
... wikipedia?

Please don't tell me they are serious?

kws10653479d ago

as long as they put the citations in it.

dachiefsman3479d ago

how many of you sony homers still gonna be on n4g this late when uncharted 2 comes out....i think we will see the same crowd....trophies here i come!

spacetattoo823479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

SOny will most likely pass MS in Europe by the end of this year, but the real facts show sony behind a million.

I trust vgchartz before a good guess on wikipedia...

Lets get real before a call of victory, xbox is still ahead by 7 1/4 million..

Natal will get back any lost sales from the slim..... fact< I totally looked it up on wikipedia... DAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

uie4rhig3479d ago

i would trust vgchartz more than wikipedia lol..

vhero3479d ago

See the difference between Sony and MS is Sony count units sold MS count units SHIPPED. Plus if you knocked off consoles sold based on console death rate PS3 would be winning worldwide as you would kill nearly half the 360 install base right their. Which is probably realistic as at least half them 360s sold by now are dead with most people reporting they are on their 3rd console at least. A lot of those people modded their consoles so had to buy a new machine and couldn't send to MS for repair thus making up MS numbers. Why you think MS hasn't really fought piracy tooth and nail?

kws10653479d ago

I believe "ACTUAL SUMMATION" of NPD and Media Create more than either VG or wikipedia.

Also the sales for Europe comes out from each mouth of representatives from MS and Sony, so I don't think there will be any difference.

Don't look at the Wikipedia itself, but look at the citations of it. That's how to use wikipedia "Correctly."

mint royale3479d ago

Yeah I too would trust vgchartz over wikipedia. However I think Vgchartz shows that the slim has pushed the ps3 ahead in Europe so i'm gonna go with that with the gap decreasing overall from 8 million to 7 million since the slim's release.

The ps3 IMO will catch up in the next few years and take second, and no it won't take lies from paranoid people who claim that Sony count sold (impossible for any business), to achieve it. The slim is gaining ground all the time.

N4G king3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

so its down to the US only now

well ..... :)

to those that actually say that there is no citation

in that table where it says hat Sony sold 10 millions in EU
citation number 136

which leads to this website

kwicksandz3479d ago

You know this is BS because if it was true Sony would shouting it from the rooftops. Just another uniformed blog that gets approved by the idiots here.

Tinted Eyes3479d ago

So PS3 leads in 2 regions, good for Sony.

Major_Tom3478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )

That's why every smart college student uses the cited source and not wikipedia. Duh. You don't need to say you used Wikipedia to find your information if Wikipedia gives you citation. In that case you follow that citation, find the paragraph or source and voila, no more dumbness.

This website is completely retarded. When I get disagrees for something called [citation] it's as if intelligence on N4G is some form of taboo blasphemy. People have accounts when they shouldn't have even thought of creating one. When in reality they should be out there sweeping the streets with a broom, they don't deserve the cleaning truck.

frostypants3478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )

I would trust the citations listed in Wikipedia over VGChartz any day. VGChartz should only be counted on in the complete absence of other sources.

As another said, Wikipedia by itself is NOT necessarily a valid source...but if it has viable citations to back it up, then it can be, just like any article or publication. VGChartz actually fails that test, as polls and assumptions seem to play as big a roll in their figures as raw numbers.

All that said, until Microsoft fesses up and clarifies whether their sales figures adjust for estimated non-warranty RRoD replacement systems by the consumer, and on top of that how they factor in (or don't factor in) replacement systems in the warranty program, their numbers are unreliable and in all probability inflated (otherwise, they would just answer the question).

If MS does account for the latter, but not the former, then their numbers are likely pretty inflated. If they are ALSO counting the free replacement systems in their total units, then their numbers are total garbage.

Arthur_3478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )

In other reports, the PS3 is also beating the 360 in Japan.

Guys this is nothing new. the 360 is doing fantastic in the US, and thats about it.

WildArmed3478d ago

at yet the so called 'smart' author just cites wikipedia as the source, none of the citations from the bottom of the page. =/

lowcarb3478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )

here we go again.

edgeofblade3476d ago

Funny how I hear these Sony-positive stories only from N4G. Oh, that's right... it's "teh conzpiraziez"...

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evrfighter3479d ago

Probably the one where I fart magikal lazer beemz.

iceman063479d ago

Wha....magikal lazer beemz...and me with just fairy dust farts!!!*LOL*

kws10653479d ago

PS3 is 1 mil behind 360 before slim out. Guess I was also manipulated by MS mouth.

James Bond3479d ago

This is dedicated to those who own a PS3.

pixelsword3479d ago

...and I'd also like to give props to all console owners; we may not agree with everything, but the reason why we do what we do is for the love of the games.

iceman063479d ago

Actually....I am a stealth agent for a secret government agency and we are training all of you for the eventual takeover of the entire universe...starting with Mars...or maybe Venus....anyway...You few souls have been selected by MS and Sony to represent our planet in intergalactic domination...wait...take that back...MS has just got the exclusive rights to that...oh well....Sony keep training...MS...the TRUE Halo Wars awaits you!!!---SARCASM!!! Play games...and as 2 of my favorite philosophers say "Be excellent to each other...and party on dudes!!!" (boredom can make you really silly sometimes...random thought)

dachiefsman3479d ago

i own a ps3/360/wii...where is my link?????????

iceman063478d ago

It was the sad combination of boredom and insomnia...horrible combination for the forums...apologies all around!!!

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Delta3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

Yo, Xbots Spin Dat Sh!t.

rroded3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

but nowheres more than here on ng4

almos feel bad for the diehards almos lol

tho the real gamers got my sympathy just remember we always got room for you here on the dark side.

3479d ago