Gaming goes hollywood

Stephen Humphries from The Christian Science Monitor writes:

"Reuben Langdon has a most unusual profession: He's a human marionette.

Drop by Mr. Langdon's office in Marina Del Ray, Calif., and chances are you'll find him dangling in a suspension of stunt wires. Don't be surprised if he's wielding a toy sword.

Part acrobat, part martial artist, Langdon is one of the world's top motion-capture actors. For years, video-game- makers have filmed the performer's choreographed actions in a suit dotted with sensors and then mapped them on a computer to create iconic characters such as Ken in "Street Fighter IV" and Dante in "Devil May Cry." The latter, which Langdon also voices, even has its own buff action figure. "They did model the six-pack after my six-pack," jokes the actor.

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andron3479d ago

I hesitated to read it at first, turns out it details Just Cause Productions mo-cap business.

I recognized the name from RE5 credits. They have been very busy and doing lots of work for Capcom. Now they are entering the movie business too...