Official Nintendo Magazine review scores

The listing of the latest Official Nintendo Magazine review scores are now available.

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Valay3386d ago

I don't know about that score for Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games on Wii. Seems too high if you ask me.

Christopher_Walken3386d ago

You see. It has the word Mario in it. Not allowed to score low.

Quadrix3385d ago

I don't even need to play those games to know that these scores are bullsh*t.

Seferoth753385d ago

Some good scores in there. Good thing you can always trust Nintendo Power reviews. at least over some other console makers reviews that always seem to give themselves high scores for mediocre games.

As usual though the haters who have no intention of playing any of those games flock here for bad scores and get upset when they do not see them...Sad that their chosen console offers nothing to keep them from having to check out other consoles they hate.

lizard812883385d ago

good game. too many glitches though, but overall still a good game.