GT: Bonus Round: Ep. 309 - Fall Game Preview Part 2

GameTrailers writes:

"Even though a lot of games have been pushed to Q1 2010, this Fall we've got more than enough to keep ourselves busy. Our expert panel dissects the biggest upcoming games of Fall and Holiday '09 and what they mean to the industry and to you, the gamer! Will Assassin's Creed II live up to the hype? Also, will New Super Mario Bros. Wii reconnect Nintendo with the hardcore?"

Michael Pachter - Analyst / Wedbush Securities
Tom Russo - Product Development Consultant
Michael McWhertor - Senior Editor /

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Sk8boyP3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

..cause we need to know what the guys at Gametrailers are thinking, especially after being caught multiple times showing unnecessary bias toward the Playstation 3, going out of their way to incite a fanboy riot. Time and time again continuing to post comparison videos well into the 4th year of the consoles. Immature, childish and dumb. Stay classy Gametrailers! ;)

DrWan3295d ago

not interested in Brutal Legend