BioWare issues 'no comment' on Mass Effect 2 PS3 listings

SCRAWL: "BioWare has responded to the recent listings for Mass Effect 2 on PlayStation 3 being displayed on both Electronic Arts Russia and GAME UK. It's not a denial, so it does make us a bit suspicious. A user on the official BioWare forums, linking to us, asked BioWare what they have to say about the listings."

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The-Warranty3390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )

Interesting, they just wont deny it, I think its coming.

Delta3390d ago

It would be awesome if Mass Effect 1&2 came over. You need the first one to play the second. This game is very story driven.

deadreckoning6663390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )

I agree with Warranty, if it wasn't comin they wulda shot it down already. BTW: What are the chances of L4D 2 making the jump??

Jamegohanssj53390d ago

I wouldn't mind having it because I wanted to play it, but if it doesn't come, then it's fine also.


chaosatom3390d ago

Mass Effect for PS3 is inevitable.

Nikuma3390d ago

I wouldn't get your hopes up for L4D or L4D2 on the PS3...but anything is possible I guess. Game is fun for a while but vastly overrated.

thedisagreefairy3390d ago

mass effect and gears of war were the games that were making me consider getting an xbox next year but if mass effect jumps to my ps3 i can save $300 easily.

ill learn to live without gears

CryWolf3390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )

deadreckoning666 you ask What are the chances of L4D 2 making the jump??, I would say very slim to none

Watch the video at the end of the show see gabe newell hating on the PS3 so as I said slim to none chances.

Marceles3390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )

"'BioWare's Patrick Weekes responded, "That we don't comment on rumors. :-)'"

A simple yes or no would end the rumors...for a couple of months lol, but the smiley face is suspcious. If he said "we don't comment on rumors" period, then I'd picture him with a serious mean face with a corporate suit on like he means business and drop it.

Raz3390d ago

I'll definitely be getting it when (not if) it comes out. Makes me wonder - if multi-platform becomes the norm, what are the real differences going to be between the consoles?

Maybe someday, we'll have cross-console gaming, and the only competition will be the same old one about graphics and resolution; and who can build the box that goes faster. The games will be available to everyone, regardless of platform!

Hey, a guy can dream.

CryWolf3390d ago

HolyOrangeCows I believe BioWare can fit Mass Effect 1 and Mass Effect 2 on 1 Blu-ray cause ME 1 was only 9GB and a Blu-ray disc is 50GB so it can work.

ThanatosDMC3390d ago

But butt... i thought teh exclusives were only on the 360!

ZOMBIEMAN13390d ago

what will it take for you guys to understand Mass Effect 2 on PS3 won't happen it's too late face it if EA wanted it on PS3 they would have announced it already or day 1 when Mass Effect 2 was announced . you know what i'm calling Gabe from Valve to come out and say Mass Effect 2 will never be on PS3 in behalf of Bioware if those panzies can't stand up and say it Gabe will ( ( goes to call Gabe to meet with him at BK )

Sarcasm3390d ago

Wow... "No comment" usually always mean something's in the pipeline. Just like the horde of "No comments" for Star Ocean, PS3 Slim, PS3 Price drop, PSPgo, Bioshock, etc. etc.

beavis4play3390d ago

i'm wanting ME2 pretty bad. ME1 didn't interest me as much but, if playing ME1 makes ME2 even better?.......i'll get both if they come to ps3.

StanLee3390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )

This is strange. Patrick Weeks is a writer at BioWare and he's not listed as a developer who posts on the forums nor has he ever posted before on the forums. Do I smell and NDA being stealthly broken? I sent a message to Brenon a programmer who usually posts and he says they aren't working on a PS3 version of Mass Effect 2.

Blaster_Master3390d ago

You could easily sell both ME1 and 2 on one bluray. That would be the sickest thing ever.

Christopher3390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )

While most people want Valve on the PS3, BioWare is my priority. I love that Dragon Age is coming out for all platforms, if the same happens with Mass Effect and all their other games, I'd be very happy.

I already own ME1 on the PC and 360, I'd buy it again and ME2 for the PS3 if it was coming this way over the 360. I'd probably still get ME2 for the PC as well, though.

beardpapa3390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )

@Beavis from playing ME, I can say yes that ME is very story driven, and from the videos it seems ME2 will be story driven too. But I don't think you need ME1 to enjoy ME2. Yes from videos it seems that Spectre Shepard is back along with new crew and some old, but this is Bioware we're talking about. I've played their games since Baldur's Gate on the PC. And despite they've made sequels to games, the previous games didn't have to be played to understand what was going on. They're really good at providing a brief history of what happened in the first game, or making a workaround that gives the player just enough info to get them going.

TheDeadMetalhead3390d ago

"Mass Effect 2 Confirmed for PS3"

Any day now... :3

sirbigam3390d ago

They just want more publicity.

GarandShooter3390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )

It's possible BioWare isn't commenting to allow EA to address the situation, nothing more.

cyberwaffles3390d ago

i doubt L4D would come over to the ps3, but it's possible. i know i wouldn't buy it personally; i might rent it or something. i just got bored of it from playing it a few days on my friend's 360 when i borrowed it.

mass effect, on other hand, is a series that i love and wouldn't mind seeing on the ps3. i could play it on the PC (just like the first one), but i would rather play it in the convenience of my nice big tv and surround sound.

i don't know, some games are just meant to be played on a console like L4D in my opinion.

mastiffchild3390d ago

Sirbigam's right. Bioware do NOT need to shut the rumour down in any way-why do they? Does it hurt them if loads of PS3 owners are celebrating the supposed announcement that this means is coming? And stop everyone talking endlessly about one opf their games? Don't be silly they'll be lapping this up for sure.

Any punlicity is good and this is GREAT for Bioware. The 360 headas are desperate to play it down and the PS3 heads just as keen for it to be something more than rumour-it just couldn't be better fopr them, could it? Regardless of what platforms they decide to make the game for this keeps the game on people's lips and, as far as I can see, has no bearing on what they're really doing.

If they announced a PS3 version(which even IF they do won't be ready for a good while after the 360 one now)the fuss would be big BUT would die down pretty soon so they'd milk the preamble as much as they could whatever. The thing which could change is if EA sense a nig appetite for the game on the PS3 and start pushing funds at Bioware to get it done(maybe Bioware are hoping for this and for EA to fix any outstanding contractual problems over a PS release with MS?)-a MP release WOULD make more cash for Bioware and that's certain.

Vut, whatever, as of now the "no comment" doesn't mean a fekkin' thing either way so I wouldn't advise anyone to get excited in either direction. What DOES have a bearing on this , imo, is how well DA:O does on the PS3. If it turns oput well and gets decent sales I'd imagine EA would move heaven and earth to get the more established and widely desired Mass Effect onto a PS3 shapish but while there's a lot of possibilities yet no real sign of any change from the stated platforms so far.

Anon19743390d ago

If not this, then something else. One thing that we can be sure of, Bioware will start making games for the PS3.

thesummerofgeorge3390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )

But now I'm starting to think there's something to this. This would be a huge catch for Sony, and of coarse PS3 owners, ME2 will be an awesome game.

Edit: Also just out of curiosity I may be thinking of something else, but didn't the peeps down at Bioware not have very nice things to say about the PS3 a while back? Or did I just pull that out of my @ss?

Sarcasm3390d ago

"One thing that we can be sure of, Bioware will start making games for the PS3. "

They already did, and it starts with Dragon Age: Origins (which looks sort of meh to me anyway)

HolaTarola3390d ago

"Also just out of curiosity I may be thinking of something else, but didn't the peeps down at Bioware not have very nice things to say about the PS3 a while back? Or did I just pull that out of my @ss?"

No, that was Valve, specifically Gabe "iwillprogrameforaburguer " Newell.

NeoCloud3390d ago

No Comment ------ whenever you hear that u know something's up.
Reminds of the time when FFXIII rumors [ u know going to X360], and look how that turned out, hey maybe it be for PS3/X360 only in US/EU and X360 only for Japan like XIII.

mythamp3390d ago

The PS3 option from those sites yet? if not then this jackass move of "we dont comment on rumors" is just going to backfire. Either remove the PS3 parts from those sites or admit to it. Such a cheap way of getting publicity, like russle peter says, "BE A MAN!" - chinese accent.

IaMs123390d ago

I would usually say MS you need this, and which they do but this game is amazing and i honestly do not care if it goes to any platform as long as I get to play it lol. More the merrier. And to be honest i already see ME as a multiplatform game anyway, it just has that feeling

pixelsword3390d ago

Kojima's devs were going around saying things similar to

'MGS4 is PS3 exclusive... or is it?'

and things of that nature although it was exclusive, so until you hear the other shoe drop, I'd just consider ME3 360 exclusive.

Leathersoup3389d ago

I hope Bioware does make it for the PS3. Mass Effect is a great game and I don't think people should not get to play games (especially 3rd party) simply because of their console choice.

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Delta3390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )

I hope i get to play this on my PS3 (i dont have a 360 anymore). I loved the first one. Too bad I can't port my saves over. Mass Effect is 360 best game IMO.

NewZealander3390d ago

i played mass effect for the first time this year, and loved it, if they do it for the ps3 i just hope they do a good job, considering its unreal engine, but im sure they will get it right.

i will be playing ME2 on 360 though so i can continue my character.

Bordel_19003390d ago

If ME is ported to the PS3 I really hope it's a good port, there have been too many bad ports for me to get too exited. Worst case is xbox fanb0ys get more ammunition.

Lou-Cipher3390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )

I think everyone with a brain knows it will hit the PS3 sometime next year.

The question is will PS3 owners receive Mass Effect 1 as well as Mass Effect 2.

I'm still wanting Dead Rising 1 on the PS3, so who knows.

CryWolf3390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )

BioWare may put Mass Effect 1 on the same Blu-ray disc because it can hold more space.

Sarcasm3390d ago

"BioWare may put Mass Effect 1 on the same Blu-ray disc because it can hold more space."

They wouldn't do it because it would undercut the sales of the first ME on 360.

Why buy ME for $20 if you could get ME1 and ME2 for $60 on PS3.

If anything, we'll just see ME2 for PS3. Don't hold your breath for ME1.

Then again, that's assuming we'll even see ME2 for PS3. Everything is rumor and speculation.

jessupj3390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )

I'd like to believe it's coming to the ps3 because I'd love to play it, but I really have no idea at this point.

If they do port it, however, they will most likely release it about 6 months after the 360 release. A year would probably be pushing it as interest would be pretty much dead by then. But to make make things fair, they will add ME1 and ME2 on the same disk instead of charging full price for a 6 month all game. Think about it guys, it makes sense. In my opinion, this is the most likely scenario which makes business sense because it solves all the hurdles that would arrise porting it to the ps3.

LtSkittles3390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )

I wonder if EA does this it's Mass Effect 1, and Mass Effect 2 in one Package, and they should do the same thing wisth L4D, and L4D 2.

Edit: @below I know, and I am sure EA would do the port.

Bodyboarder_VGamer3390d ago

Valve hates the PS3 with a passion. Unless a company like EA wants to make the port (like they did with the Orange Box) I do not think L4D will ever see the light on the PS3.

kaveti66163390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )

Valve does not hate the PS3. Stop spreading misinformation. Why would anyone hate, with a passion, an inanimate object? They don't have a division set up to produce for the PS3. They are mostly PC guys. They are happy with the extra money they make off of 360 ports. Developing for the PS3 would take more effort than they want to exert. The PS3 is not like a 360. There is no easy port process. Hence, Valve is not interested in the PS3. They do well enough for themselves on the PC.

Do you ever say that Activision Bliizard hates the PS3 and 360? Even though they don't develop for the consoles, it does NOT mean they hate them. They just make enough money from them their current platforms.

LtSkittles3390d ago

Didn't Valve say they would be interested in doing stuff for the PS3?

kaveti66163390d ago

They did say something to that extent, but they also mentioned that they haven't set up the resources for that. This was a while ago. I think Valve is too busy with their current projects to shift resources for a PS3 group. Wait until Episode 3 is done and maybe then we will see progress with them. OF course Valve would love to make more money and releasing games on the PS3 would help them there. But as Gabe has said, he himself does not like working with unnecessarily complicated hardware, and doesn't want to have another crappy port fiasco on the PS3. He will wait until they have a dedicated team ready to work with the PS3.

Pandamobile3390d ago

And Valve would still have to OK it before EA could do anything. Unlike Bioware, Valve hold the call. They're an independent studio.

Gabe said the Orange Box on PS3 was a disaster and no one should have to play a game like that.

Parapraxis3390d ago

Valve as a company may not dislike the PS3, but you can be damned sure Gabe Newell has said many things to make people think HE hates the PS3.

Pandamobile3390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )

He's also not a fan of Windows Vista or the Xbox 360.

calis3390d ago

Valve will never get my money.

kaveti66163390d ago

Gabe's opinions are not the final word. He likes the PC. He likes unified architecture. The SPUs in the PS3 are not unified. He has talked in length about this. If I were a developer, I'd be pissed, too. I love the power of the PS3, but I don't think it needed to have discrete processors.

raztad3390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )


Then as a developer you would have serious troubles with multi-core processors, which are pretty much standard by these days.

I think the principal issue, for PC devels, when coding for the PS3 is the two chunks of RAM memory and to use the cell in order to help the graphic card.

On topic: ME2 would be pretty cool (more games the better) I'm sure it will come some months after the xbox version. L4D is best played on the PC.

Oftopic: I'm playing Demons Souls, it's an INCREDIBLE game. Hard but fun/addictive/innovative as hell. Highly recommended.

mastiffchild3390d ago

That's the thing Raztad, about L4D. I first played it on the PC(hadn't then gone back to owning a 360)and was really impressed(even if I only like the game in short bursts)and then when the normal fringe benefiots of PC gaming started turning up(mods, near full Valve support)it got better.

When I did get another 360 I bought it again to play with some mates that I'd not talked to/games with for a while and was disappointed, not onl;y with the normal lower performanve, but more with the way the game was neutered by the lack of any community support OR much in that respect even from Valve. Really, it's a pale imitation of it's PC brother and most of it's down to MS daft downloads policies. The L4D community on 360 is still big but it's just not as good a game without what you can get on PC and as we saw with what PS3 allowed from UT3 I feel L4D, purely as a game and taking Gabe and console ppolitics out of it, would be far better on the PS3 than on 360-it would be a lot more like tha package PC gamers det in any case which is a big improvement even if the performance would still lag a little behind your rig.

Whether L4D would sell as well on PS3 as it does on the shooter fan filled 360 community is another matter but as a total experience it would've been better with the freedom it would get on PS3-360 only gamers really get a raw deal in this respect and MS should loosen their restrictions and allow some damn free stuff now and again, imo, as in the long run it'd help sell the paid for stuff and more games.

And, I agree, if Gabe doesn't want to use multi processors he's possiblly best leaving the industry as there's goin to be more and more of it-I think he's just getting set in his ways and can't be arsed changing for new things anymore-which is a little sad.

Pandamobile3390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )

Valve has already shifted heavily into multicore processing. I read a bunch of their conference papers and they really went in depth on what multi-core means for each platform.

The PS3 only has one core. PC's have 1-4 (soon 6 and 8), and the 360 has 3.

For a game to work effectively on the PS3, you have to pretty much break it down and start from scratch. Since the PS3 only has one physical core, it offloads the load onto 6 SPE's (it has 8, but only 6 are usable by a dev). And this is where the major problem lies. Everything has to be specially coded and allocated to each SPE. One may do audio processing, one AI, one for physics, etc. But each SPE has a very tiny amount of memory which makes things even harder.

Long story short, the only way games really run well on the PS3 is if they were designed to do so in the first place. The Source engine was originally conceived in 2004, and has since gone through 3 major overhauls. The Episode 1 version of the engine added HDR lighting. The Orange Box engine added multi-core support and a 64 bit Source engine. The L4D engine drastically improved ont he multi-core support and added lots of filmic effects as well as the ability to have large amounts of AI present on the screen (goes hand in hand with multi-core support).

All of these improvements have been for the PC side of development since Valve's priority is the PC community, but since the 360's CPU architecture is quite similar to that used on modern PC CPU's, it carries over fairly easily.

This is largely why there won't be any more Valve games on the PS3. (sorry for the essay)

Godmars2903390d ago

The PS3 has 8 sub-processors. Uses 6. Just like the 360 has 3.

That you didn't know that reduces the rest of your essay comment to, "blah-blah-b-blah..." ;

Pandamobile3390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )


"Since the PS3 only has one physical core, it offloads the load onto 6 SPE's (it has 8, but only 6 are usable by a dev)"

PS3's Cell is one CPU core, and 8 SPE's. 1 is locked for the PS3 OS, 1 is inactive, or does some mundane task.

The 360's CPU is basically a PC CPU with 3 cores.

SPE =/= core.

Sarcasm3390d ago

As I've said in a different thread, I think the only way we'll see a Valve game on PS3 only if they set out to make a new engine similar to that of what id is doing with Rage.

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sikbeta3390d ago

If it come for the PS3, the problem is what is gonna happen with the first one, awesome anyways