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Eurogamer writes: "Of course, a game about a big-eared monkey thing was never going to be all about technical aspirations. That's not how it's supposed to be played - or, more accurately, played with. It's as much a toy as a game and for all the wobbles in the interface and some illogical structural quirks, it's all but impossible to dislike. If you find the concept attractive then there's certainly enough here to warrant further investigation and, when everything clicks, it's as charming an experience as you'll find on the big-boy consoles.

It's just a shame that while EyePet has clearly been designed to stretch the PlayStation Eye hardware, it never tests the boundaries of the virtual life genre with the same vigour".

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Jamegohanssj53388d ago

Ah okay. Eurogamer gave this a 6/10? That means it's actually a 8/10. Enjoy it.


sunil3388d ago

same here... my kid would LOVE it

Sarcasm3388d ago

I would buy it too but cant. And importing is not an option considering it's one of the very few titles that isn't region free.

Thanks Sony. My niece's stocking will be Eyepet'less this christmas.

sonarus3388d ago

Nice now go make something that matters sony like eight days or getaway

Marceles3388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

"Eyepet Being Ported to Natal"


edit: "Microsoft's Natal may be able to extract emotional nuance from such interactions, but the simple thrill of seeing your doodle instantly imitated on-screen shows that there's life in the dear old webcam yet."

*long annoyed sigh*

Jamegohanssj53388d ago

The only think I could do is lol Marceles. You've earned a bubble.


Armyless3388d ago

thanks for the laugh :)

talltony3388d ago

That's all this is, it's a virtual pet. How the he'll could anyone give it a 6 out of 10? My little brother will love this.

justpassinggas3388d ago

Considering this is supposed to be targeted towards kids, I don't think they or their parents will care about review scores. They'll just be attracted to the "cute and fuzzy"™ factor and buy it. I hope they bundle the PS Eye with it.

DonCorneo3388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

"Microsoft's Natal may be able to extract emotional nuance from such interactions, but the simple thrill of seeing your doodle.."

wow, they said that in the review. natal is not even out and i bet natal won't be able to do that accurately.. heck, there was a preview from gamespot saying that natal mistook him as a female.. LMAO!!1!

oh yeah, i rate all cars 1/10 because star trek's teleportation device is much faster..

Lord_Ash3388d ago

Where did you hear that it's region locked?

Cwalat3388d ago

Guess none of them nerds have kids....

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gunnerforlife3388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

ouch dats not good:/
meaning the score:/

labaronx3388d ago

as its not really a game but more of a toy

Major_Tom3388d ago

Hey, look it's like a non-scripted Milo!

WildArmed3388d ago

ah well its been awhile since I saw that on the sony side.
I guess the 360 fanboys can come out of the cave for once in quite a few months eh?

The Tour Man3388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

"I am a twenty-three year old professional blitzball player, characterized by a long reddish-orange quiff, muscular body, and a Besaid Island accent (the real-world equivalent of which would be a Caribbean accent). As such, I like using such speech-mannerisms as saying "brudda" for "brother" and finishing sentences with "ya?". My name means "water" in Ainu. In addition to being one of Summoner Yuna's guardians and childhood friends, I'm captain of the Besaid Aurochs, a blitzball team that – as of the beginning of Final Fantasy X – went ten years without winning a single game. I use blitzballs as my weapons in battle, and my abilities give the party boosts in attack accuracy and also inflict negative statuses – such as Darkness, Silence and Sleep – on enemies. I am one of the three players that can fight underwater."

LOLOLOLOLOL this guys so lame. hey, wakka fakka go back into your cave and play section 8 with your gay blitzball friends.

Major_Tom3388d ago


Ron_Burgundy3388d ago

ummm, how exactly? you have no friends so Milo is perfect for you

WildArmed3388d ago

I read sarcasm in that statement.

Considering Milo n Eyepet demo the exact same tech in a way

Bodyboarder_VGamer3388d ago

I believe that Major_Tom's comment is sarcasm.

Ron_Burgundy3388d ago

I really can't tell because those that like the xbox talk like that (lol "those that like the xbox", you all know what I would've put in if this weren't the gamer zone)

Mc Fadge3388d ago

Milo's tech wasn't exactly a "demo", atleast what we saw.

WildArmed3388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

demo = demonstrate in that sentence, sorry for not clearing that out.

Ofc, there was a deal with Milo being scripted by the devs on the go.. but w/e

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steck673388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

Watch NatalPet come out and the media will call it "innovative" and "original" even though it would be the same thing. Oh wait, the media is already going crazy over MILO.

Nitrowolf23388d ago

i know and i don't see how anyone could be attach to Milo like eyepet.
here the thing why people would choose eyepet over milo and that just becuase eyepet targets the little kids.
milo targets the.. well you know
i don't see anyone getting into milo, i mean i can see the reviews being 10/10, but you know what milo is? Its pretty much me talking to anyone in real life. There no point wen i could do it for free.
eyepet is different considering you can dress them, your draw vehicle for them to ride.
your right the media will go crazy over it.

WildArmed3388d ago

THEN SOME1 will actually talk to me..

sry abt the caps.. stupid caps lock

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