Alltern8: Batman: Arkham Asylum Review

Alltern8 writes: "Simply put, Batman Arkham Asylum is the best superhero videogame ever made....

Why are so many comic book videogames substandard? As a staunch comic geek first and a videogame enthusiast a very close second, I often find it baffling that so little effort is put into superhero or comic-based games. Part of this is perhaps down to the fact that few "comic book games" are actually based on the comics themselves; generally they are churned out to correspond with Hollywood movie adaptations instead, and with few exceptions are rushed and uninspired attempts. But even better efforts such as Marvel Ultimate Alliance are admittedly bog standard genre titles that get by on their use of colourful licensed characters and elaborate mythologies."

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dinsurya3385d ago

This is not a 10/10 game.
Its a good game but it doesnt deserve a perfect score.
"best superhero video game ever made" - well, the bar wasnt that high in the first place.

badkolo3385d ago

so now we are handing out 10's like its someones birthday

LtSkittles3385d ago

It's a great game, and I think a lot of people were surprised by it. I only had one thing that made it horrible which was the last boss. There is a ton of replay value in it(The Riddles, the challenge maps, and the dlc), RockSteady Studios did a good job on it, and I don't see what you're upset about. It got a good score whoopty doo. I don't think it will win GOTY, because a ton of great games that are coming out between then, and now. It has a great cast of actors, and the story is awesome.