NowGamer Review: EyePet

NowGamer writes: "Let's get a few important points out of the way. First, EyePet is a game designed with young children in mind. No one on the NowGamer team is a young child, nor do any of us have young children of our own, nor do any of our friends who do have young children trust us to borrow them for the purposes of our EyePet review. Wise on their part; we're very irresponsible and would probably end up teaching their children to drink whisky and smoke cigars or something."

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thedisagreefairy3295d ago

considering what kind of game and target audience its for.

at least they admit that because theyre adults that it was more difficult for them to get into it.

cmrbe3295d ago

as there are none similar to compare to. Its great that these reviewers understand this.

I really do think that a score is not needed. Just say weather its a good game for the intended audiance or not.

WildArmed3295d ago

People tend to forget when reviewing games that they are for targeted experience.

Insomniac has repeated MANY time that R&C is targeted for a strong singe play game. So if they dont have MP by launch dates, reviews are going to dish out heavy damage for the lack of Multiplayer -.-

ginsunuva3295d ago

8.3 for a storyless tech demo is outstanding! Why does it have to be delayed for NA only? I'll probably import.

sikbeta3294d ago

Kids gonna love EyePet, you can't influence them with bad reviews

nix3294d ago

i am still a young children... in my heart! q:

and i'm gonna get it because it comes with a camera. i need one.