OXCGN Forza 3 October Update #8 – Build Your Own Ford-Dodge-Chevy, get all Ovally


"You either love-em, or hate-em. Oval racers, or so often called "Stock Cars" . . . Actually there are several classes of Stock Cars that could all fit under that one moniker, but we're talking today more about NASCAR and specifically, the Late Model Series Stock Cars.

For many video game racers, these things sound boring. Round-n-round you go, where you stop, everyone knows – the wall or infield, time and time again.

Well, actually, that in fact says a lot about just how difficult it is to keep over 600bhp stable enough to reach speeds of in excess of 150 mph while negotiating a full pack of vehicles all hell-bent on getting to the front, just like you are."

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gaminoz3346d ago

I don't mind the round and round as long as the track is interesting... That Catalunya one in the demo is really nice.

Godem3346d ago

yeh its got just enough corners to not be annoying, but just fun.

XboxOZ3603346d ago

ACtually, I don't mind the ovals.

Yes, tail-chasing seems dull, but having had a small stint in a real one when I was younger at Parrammatta Raceway (Dirt Speedway) .. it's not as easy as it may seem, and there's a definite art in managing a vehicle when it is half out of control most of the time.

On the tar in NASCAR (hmm sounds great) it is all about the line, and when doing top speeds, you can feel the car dig down when you're on it, go slightly off it, and you have to slow down, brake etc and you lose valuable seconds off the time, or allow someone to creep past you.

I think most digital race drivers don't want to have to work at a race, they simply want to jump in and win, like we all do, but without any talent. That way there's no real challenge

I like the fact that Turn 10 have given you the basics to create whatever you wish for this genre of racing. SO perhaps they may even allow certain things to be done with regards to drag racing, especially if they have made allowances for the Drifters, Drag Racing allowances would be a natural thing also.

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cornfedgamer3345d ago

You know NASCAR got it's start from Moonshine barons using fast cars to outrun police during Prohibition here in the US? Pretty neat history...

gaminoz3345d ago

Didn't know that. They should have a pursuit race then! (Well in the video game version anyway...might get too violent for real...)