The Gamer Limit Editorial: Resident Evil 5's Shift from the Genre

The Gamer Limit writes: "It's no secret that Resident Evil 5 has been a huge smash worldwide. As of the latest sales figures, the game has sold over five million copies globally making it the most successful game in the series. Being the most popular Resident Evil title, there are undoubtedly many new players to the franchise, as well as many returning veterans.

Hither to, Resident Evil 5 is undoubtedly a great game in of itself, but as the next installment in the long standing series, many fans feel the game has departed from the survival horror genre. Thus, it begs the question: what has Capcom changed so much over the years to abandon its roots? Read on to find out more."

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cemelc3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

I can understand the need to improve gameplay, but the game was a survival horror, now is a action adventure.

Even for an action game sux
I don't get how capcom can get away with scores from 9 to 9.5

Bosses repeat like 3 times each.
Bad controls.
Weak plot.

Capcom has been one of the worst developers this gen second only to square.

calis3291d ago

Well apparently reviews, sales and Capcom naming it Resident Evil 5 disagree with your assessment.

cemelc3291d ago

cos we all know that sales=good, and reviews gave it a pass just from brand name.

And capcom can name the next devil may cry resident evil and that wouldn't make a survival horror.

Blow Out Your Brains3291d ago

I thoroughly enjoyed RE5, just accept it's more action oriented and move on already