Neocrisis: The Raging War - Fanboyism

Neocrisis: In today's gaming community the console wars have shifted from not only Microsoft's and Sony's loathing of each other, but to fanboys taking the war to forums, threads, and the comments on articles.

The problem is not a person favoring one console over the other, but one's apparent lack of humility. Does the 360 have some great games? Yes, it does. Does the PS3 also have some truly great games as well? The answer of course is, yes. I've seen people dog Gears of War, and they are the very same people that secretly envy 360 owners for having it.

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Ron_Burgundy3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

envy Glitches of War???? not in a million years

especially when it's just using UE3 and heralded as "teh best graphics ever" by bots :P lol

WildArmed3293d ago

Nice writeup.
It'd be a shame to miss games like U2 or GeOW for the sake of fanboism.
I would have missed Mass Effect, Bioshock etc etc (well bioshock came to ps3 eventually) coz of this. Video gaming is for entertainment, when one side of the boat is empty, its ok to go over to the other boat and have some dinner.
Just trying to stay full ya know?

Major_Tom3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

I missed GeOW for the sake of my brain. It's like if WWE made a shooting game, slap some inadvertent advertising for steroids and how they make you fight aliens and monsters so much better.

I still played it all the way through, not that I liked it much. Those chest high dilapidated walls, so thrifty.

WildArmed3293d ago

lol it was better then rest of the games out at that time, and thats all that mattered.
It kept me busy while the other AAAs rolled in (WOHO FOR MGS4!)

dragonyght3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

fanboism as bad as it iis its also good without it the gaming world would have been boring and site like n4g wouldnt have existed

jazzking20013293d ago

no more n4g?
lol jokin

WildArmed3293d ago

lol true. N4G exists coz of the bickers of fanboys.

The reason why I made an account was to comment on certain fanboys about 2 years ago.
Otherwise I'd just still be surfing N4G for the sake of news online.
But that only lasted 6 months, n then I made an account, its all been down hill from there lol