First LBP's song is 'borrowed', now EyePet's

Critical Gamer Writes: Remember when that licensed song off PS3 exclusive LittleBigPlanet was used in that Xbox 360 advert? What do you mean no? Okay, nobody saw it on the telly, but it was on N4G! Anyways, something similar has happened again. You may have seen that new ipod touch advert.

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chaosatom3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

It's a good song to use, but there is nothing wrong with using the same song.

It's just that Sony doesn't advertise that much, so the eyepet commercial isn't even seen by causal people. On the other hand, apple advertises the hell out of everything apple.

I think both Sony and Apple have excellent taste at picking songs for their ads. It just that Song needs to advertise a lot more.

Seraphim3292d ago

I'd have to disagree in part... Only because the EyePet commercials havent rolled out yet. Aside from the trailer/teasers they've shown the world hasn't seen an EyePet commercial. Now once they release a commercial that has the same song... Makes it look like Sony slacked off and knocked off apple... It is a great song to use though. Very happy, energetic and fun....

Marceles3292d ago

lol I noticed this too, only thing is the EyePet trailer was practically only shown at electronic shows so...oh well :-/

GameSpawn3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

You know I think it is stupid that people are being childish about "Hey they stole their song".

I completely agree with 1.1. They should be allowed to use the same song.

It's Licensed freaking music people. Whoever pays the fees or owns the License can do whatever they damn well please. (Lolz, that was kind of poetic, huh?)

Pandamobile3293d ago

Okay, so, another company licensed the same song for a different commercial?

This is an outrage.

YoungKiller253293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

its like the GEORGE LOPEZ SHOW they use that lo-rider song
but what if another family comedy used that same song.
the only difference is that, that song is well known while these other songs aren't so its basically steeling a theme song that sony made famous.

Jim Crikey3293d ago

Did you read the full article? They're not angry, just speculating on what, if anything, it implies.

Pandamobile3293d ago

Yes, I read the article. It's just retarded that they even need to speculate on what it means. It's a song. Neither party own the song. End of story.

BiggCMan3292d ago

anyone know the name of the song? its really good

Mc Fadge3292d ago

She's Got Me Dancing - Tommy Sparks

ReservoirDog3163292d ago

Well, it's like using the Godfather music in another movie. It wasn't made for the Godfather but it's forever linked to it. You just can do it. But it doesn't mean you should.

Or, like using I Ran with another game. That'll always be linked to GTA Vice City. You can use it for something else. But you really shouldn't.

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tdrules3293d ago


adverts are done by advertising agencies not games companies, i would not be surprised if the same agency licensed the song for all the ads.

and its a popular song in the UK, Tommy Sparks. the video is slightly weird mind

XxBarretxX3292d ago

how the hands in a MAC commercial are never black

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