That Gaming Site: Scribblenauts Review

That Gaming Site writes:
"A great concept and a seriously packed puzzle game but putting up with the controls is a sacrifice you'll have to make to enjoy this original and adorable game."

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Elven63296d ago

Aside from a few tech issues Scribbelnauts is a lot of fun, a 8.2 sounds about right.

Ziriux3296d ago

I haven't sensed any tech issues, but than again, some peeps have problems with their consoles possibly.

Elven63296d ago

The issues are mostly "chance" related, ex, if you want to chop down a tree it won't work the first time but it may work on you seventh try.

Ziriux3296d ago

Great game, something that bothered me very much was trying to see what this game was about and I finally read up on it, never did I think something new and innovative was going to come around for a while after Braid, but this game did bring something great.

Jugg4n4ut3296d ago

i love this game alot. its extremely intuitive. and i love that i can put just about any word in there and it pops up. if only this was a rated m game, thered be like a couple more great words for tht game