How Bayonetta is blatantly hotter than your girlfriend

Destructoid writes:

"Tell me, does your girlfriend walk around naked? Everywhere she goes? Even at Walmart, where she definitely works? I didn't think so. Bayonetta, saucy little strumpet that she is, is naked throughout the entire game. Her "suit" is actually her hair, flowing from her head and wrapping around her body to give the illusion of clothing. She didn't have to do that. She's just doing it because she loves being naked. That's hot, and if you disagree then you ought to be castrated because you don't deserve to have a sex drive.

I know some of you may believes that having a body covered in hair is disgusting, but screw you! In fact..."

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MrJack3296d ago

You know the game /b/

Roll and fap

AuToFiRE3296d ago

i prefer fap and roll, that way you cant go wrong

Blaze9293296d ago

lol funny how Sarah Palin was one point in this article...I thought she looked like her as well.

iceman063296d ago

There are MANY European women that walk around clothed only in there own's a culture thing!!!*LMAO*

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monkey6023296d ago

I feel stupid after reading that! Seriously! Some pathetic little man goes on a rampage behind his keyboard, by writing an article (full of insults) about why a fictional woman is better than a genuine woman. Great now those teeny bopper gangsta's I keep having to suffer in games have found their way into small time journalism. Joke article or not I wish I hadnt wasted my time.

WildArmed3296d ago

lol all of the articles from Destructiod are jokes.
Its just for laughs

AntoineDcoolette3296d ago

I'm sorry Monkey, I have to ask... are you upset because your girlfriend works at Wal-Mart?

chrisWhite3296d ago

I couldn't agree with you more, this was a rather immature joke post that managed to only insult my intelligence and leave me feeling like he tried to so hard to be over the top that it lost even the legitimacy to be funny. Silly and in poor taste.


monkey6023296d ago

@ AntoineDcoolette : Man I'm beginning to wish she did! I'd probably get to see her more often then, Compared to where she is working now XD.

@ Everyone else : If the article hadn't have been full of pointless and insulting one liners I could have taken this light hearted but Unfortunately it's written to the standard of any one early teen [email protected] head I could find on the streets

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hay3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

Good luck having sex with her. You could damage the display with your boner.

Crazy article.

hay3296d ago

Display could damage you with it's boner?

HDgamer3296d ago

Jim sterling's GF is actually a rape victim from a japanese hentai game.

sikbeta3296d ago

How Bayonetta is blatantly hotter than your girlfriend, oh you don't have a GF, sorry for you, but you always have a "helping hand"

sikbeta3295d ago

Disagrees? It was a JOKE you know, I don't try to attack any fanboy with my comment

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