PSP Go launch has become a nightmare for gamers, Sony

Sony's DRM hurts the free-game program given to European PSP Go buyers, and a Sony exec explains why the UMD exchange program has been scrapped. The company is still insisting that it plans to take care of its loyal customers, but the PSP Go's early days have been nothing short of a disaster.

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3346d ago
Ron_Burgundy3346d ago

there haven't been any ads on tv for it

which is surprising, I mean advertise it like you've been advertising the Slim!!!!!!!

Japan would eat it up in a heartbeat

LukaX233346d ago

You DO watch TV, correct? I guess you don't watch the news cause you're too busy reporting it. :-P

morganfell3346d ago (Edited 3346d ago )

Yes there is plenty of PSPGo news. Like this story which is a duplicate of everything we have been hearing over the past week. With PS3 sales burying the 360 worldwide, they have to seize any sliver of grass while hanging on that cliff.

Ron_Burgundy3346d ago

I watch tv, especially NBC, Fox, CBS

not a single Go ad

Marceles3346d ago

It's been the opposite for me, alot of PSPgo commercials and no Slim commercials. I mostly watch TV during late night during Conan O'Brien

butterfinger3346d ago

There was a Go commercial during The Office's hour long episode last Thursday, and every GT PSP commercial shows the Go. I've seen GT PSP ads during every football game I've watched today. You can go on denying that they are putting them out there, though. That used to be the go-to excuse for the PS3's lackluster sales (consoles and games).

Ron_Burgundy3346d ago

me to I like Conan O'brian a lot, and also Jay Leno

ahh but I'm not very relevant, as I change the channel when commercials start :(

Panthers3346d ago

I see plenty of adds for it. Like it has parties going on and people are playing the PSPGo.

IdleLeeSiuLung3346d ago

Sounds like Sony is repeating the we don't support MP3 on our "walkman" mitake all over again and embracing proprietary systems. Completely opposite of what I think is one of the greatest reason to own a PS3. It's openness to third party accessory like hard drive, bluetooth headsets and etc.

pphoenix3345d ago

i don't believe that it is a lack of adds i believe that it is because you are no longer allowed to:

NOT allowed to trade your games,

NOT allowed to lend your games,

NOT allowed to sell your games,

NOT even allowed to give your games away for free.

with this anti consumer move Sony has rendered all software purchases worthless, you know if the PSP Go actually takes off you can kiss goodbye to ownership of all your games & say hello to Sony's wet dream of anti-consumer licensing forcing everyone to purchase new titles only!

Bend over for sony & their anti consumer PSP Go

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alphakennybody3346d ago

Something I noticed is, the ps3 got silenced most of the hate towards it, now they're atticking the psp. How many doom article about the psp go was out on N4G since it was introduced?

butterfinger3346d ago

we need MORE PSP is doomed articles. It looks like the PS3 got a new model, cheaper price, and more exclusives after all of the PS3 is doomed articles.

ZOMBIEMAN13346d ago

that's because they now for the rest of 09 there's no stopping PS3 . low price check , kick ass games check , advertisement double check FFXIII check for the rest of 09 it's all PS3 , the PS3 time is now

IdleLeeSiuLung3346d ago (Edited 3346d ago )

the PSP Go deserves some scrutiny. I always thought the PS3 was a great piece of hardware with only three major issues:

a) price (which is now resolved)
b) the lack of streamlined experience i.e. the lack of standards implemented early in software. Mostly related to PSN.
c) the lack of attachment (that is now alleviated) to PSN accounts. It's impossible to do proper matchmaking if anyone can create a new account at any time.

On the PSP Go, well it seems Sony did not learn from it's previous mistake and is once again introducing a re-packaged proprietary system at a very high cost.

Death3346d ago

The existing userbase which is not upported by the new device are the ones voicing their opinions. If the PS3 slim released and wasn't compatable with existing PS3 games or accessories I would imagine they would be a little irked too. Many of the early adopters for the PSPGo! would have been existing PSP owners.


Ju3345d ago

"is once again introducing a re-packaged proprietary system at a very high cost"

What does that even mean ? You just made that up or what ?

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4Sh0w3346d ago

damm, this article points out some serious headaches for gamers, and it seems the ones who will be affected the most are sony's existing customers, and why the hell do you have to install Quicktime and Adobe before actual game software? Is he serious or is that a joke?

Shadowstar3346d ago

I've had a lot of programs that required me to install Adobe updates before it'd do the real software. I've always hated that, but it's not just Sony...

All the other points seem disturbingly bad, though.

dragon823346d ago

I am sorry but the whole process only took me about 5 minutes after charging the battery. Its not Sony's fault this guy has no idea how to multi task. You can install Media go and download your games while charging the PSP. The firmware update took about 2 minutes for me and the other 3 minutes was spent transferring my games over to the PSP.

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