Medal of Honor: Airborne preview by CVG with new images

At first it's familiar territory. The clumsy clang of your M1 Garand rifle, sombre trumpet music wafting gently over low-key menus and men in tin hats bellowing at each other over the sound of cracking gunfire. But then you play it and realise that, finally, Medal Of Honor has evolved and is now better than Call Of Duty. Duty's problem is that it's too stiff. You feel yourself shuttling through a defined, predictable path, which is the complete opposite of what war actually is - an incalculable, ruthlessly unforgiving mess where nothing ever goes to plan.

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Skynetone4755d ago

Ill buy this if the reviews are good

dominusbellum4755d ago

like what world war 7 now apparently kind of getting tired of wwII games i'm glad call of duty is taking this new approach, and i also think that medal of honor will never be as good as call of duty