Five Games That Sold Me On Next-Gen Gaming

"I firmly believe that the developers behind these games went above and beyond the standard fare to offer something unique, something engaging, and most importantly, something to justify a twelve-hundred dollar gaming rig."

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rrquinta3320d ago

Personally, I wouldn't agree with this list, but that doesn't mean the list is bad. I certainly think Oblivion deserves a space on the list, and from what I have heard (haven't played it myself), so does MGS4.

WildArmed3320d ago

Oblivion n MGS4 def. deserve the spot. (even though I dont like FPS RPG, i know Obliv was epic --yeah, i didnt like that game)
COD4 by far the outstanding multi player experience on next-gen consoles
Skate.. meh.. Dead space.. havnt played it.
But DMC4 deserves a spot too, but next-gen action game I've played-yet.
Mass effect or Uncharted 2 goes the last spot too! :)
Both are amazing games

K-Tuck3320d ago

Skate changed the genre, for me and for several others.

Dead Space was just a phenomenal experience, in my opinion. It also has plenty of polish.

For Uncharted, well.. I only played the demo. I am waiting for these Goozex users to stop being lame and list games that they're actually willing to trade.

glennc3320d ago

skate and dead space for sure. i wouldn't class COD4 as next-gen (single or multi-player), just previous gen with pretty graphics. it really plays like all the rest. oblivion seems last-gen and didn't play MGS as i don't like 3rd person interactive stories.

i think you really have to look further than just graphics for next-gen as that should be a given. it is the gameplay elements that need to evolve.

K-Tuck3320d ago

You've got a point. I feel like the graphics and presentation were a big draw to Call of Duty 4, but the main appeal was the relative intensity and varied multiplayer options.

theherp803320d ago

For me it's MLB the show and what they were able to do with a baseball game on next gen consoles was simply amazing. its something they couldnt have done before.

tigresa3320d ago

Some pretty good choices. Halo 3 sold me on my Xbox 360 (though in the end it was a disappointment and I joined the ranks of COD4.) MGS4 def agree with though, most epic game of this gen in all ways possible.