WDT: Heavy Weapon Review PS3

Dean Case from writes "Heavy Weapon was a game I had seen on the Playstation store the week it came out, and kept wondering whether or not to buy it, at last I've got my hands on it, and, it definitely isn't the sort of game I had expected. The game costs the average £7.99 and to be honest, I think it should retail around the £3-4 region, as this is by no means a new game, it has been out on the Xbox 360 for quite some time, and the PC since 2005, another thing is, there isn't much in way of content, but I will get onto that later..."

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GameOn3292d ago

I have this game on xbox and unless they have improved it somehow I would rate it more like 7-8. A 9 seems excessive.

Johnny Rotten3291d ago

I have it for the xbox and I still look forward to playing from time to time.