Top 15 Most Bad*ss Videogame Weapons

Here the guys at count down the 15 most badass instruments of death ever committed to pixels.

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Counter_ACT4989d ago

You starred the a in ass. Pathetic.

C_SoL4988d ago (Edited 4988d ago )

That list sucked sausage and balls.

And you know what else, they're all mostly FPS games which I have nothing against.

It seems as if it was written by one dudes personal experiences with games he or she has played.

This list FAILS.

I personally like the Pulse Rifle from Dead Space. Alt. Fire takes the cake and cookies. Sh!t is a breast.


@ C_SoL

totally agree. I love the pulse rifle in dead space. especially the alt-fire mode.

best moment; going down the open elevator and a load of necros start dropping down onto the lift. the lights are all flashing, screen blacking out. soon as i realise whats happening and the Sh$ts about to hit the fan i pull out the Pulse Rife, wait till the last min and just as the screen goes black again I hear the thud of the last necro drop down.

Hit the alt-fire and its just gunfire flashes in every direction. by the time the elevator stops it's just dismembered bodies everywhere.

Love dead space to bits. my best game of 2008 and favorite new IP this gen.

MerkinMax4988d ago (Edited 4988d ago )

Am I the only one who loves the RYNO? That thing is the epitome of the pain. I also loved Resistance: FOM's sniper; focus and blow the Chimera away. This list wasn't really that good seeing as he named mostly FPS. TPS have had some of the most awesome weapons of all time.

clixx334989d ago

I would add the Boltgun 4400 from Killzone 2; that thing was beast.

stevenhiggster4988d ago

totally agree.
The list is a bit of a fail, I'm not gonna try and call out the author as a fanboy or anything, but he clearly has a very limited gaming library. Some of the list I totally agree with.
But the Bullseye and Auger from resistance are definately more deserving than some on the list, also the aforementioned Boltgun from KZ2 along with the lightning gun from KZ2. And OMG why isn't the disco ball gun from Ratchet on the list!?
Like I said, the guy may not be a fanboy but he definately has a limited gaming library.

fishd4989d ago

#1 Blade of Chaos

Other weapons can enjoy fighting for the 2nd place

farhsa20084989d ago

this list is fail without a weapon from resistance

HarukoHex4988d ago

wait let me guess. your gona call the site Biased.


mastiffchild4988d ago

And none from R&C either? I don't think this is biased based on the factit's a terrible list, but ANY list about badass weapons really should have the L.A.A.R.K from R:FoM and AT LEAST one or two of the incredible weapons from Ratchets games. Maybe the guy who wrote this just never had a Sony console?

I can only assume he hasn't played many games at all whjich is why the list isn't very well made.

stevenhiggster4988d ago

Not saying anyones biased but he certainly has missed out a few gems and put in a few stinkers. And anyone who doesn't think there should be weapons in there from R&C and Resistance clearly has never played them. Insomniac are the masters of crazy ass weaponry.

WildArmed4989d ago (Edited 4989d ago )

Eh, cant believe no resistance, no actual melee weapons (seriously.. Lancer -.- ghey), and Boltgun was badass (@2)

List is ok, but Lancer shouldnt really no. 2.. Agni n Rudra were badass! (DMC series). Alot of the awesom-er weapons werent on the list
Dawn of hammer woulda been a better choice =p

Sunny_D4989d ago

Lancer isn't really amazing. It's basically a chainsaw on top of A gun. OOOHH I'm so amazed! NOT.

HarukoHex4988d ago (Edited 4988d ago )

you know most of the guns in Res are really not that amazing.

you never played timesplitters, or some old school shooters have you, most of those have been DONE BEFORE.

you want a cool gun, play timesplitters 2.

its the tranq gun, shoot the enemy with it, there screen freaks out, shoot them with enough of it and they blow up.

saint_john_paul_ii4988d ago

i guess the bullseye wasnt amazing then? mark someone down and shoot, the bullets get guided by the mark..thats not amazing?

or the HE.44 Magnum wasnt amazing either? i shoot at someone then, blow them up?

or the V7 Splicer?

Or the as a matter of Fact, the Auger???

maybe you havent played resistance to at least appreciate the guns in the game.

saint_john_paul_ii4988d ago

"you never played timesplitters, or some old school shooters have you, most of those have been DONE BEFORE."

Yes i have. im the pope. I'm older than you... you're a little kid compared to me.

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