Are DVDs Nearing the End?

Watchers of streaming video trends are buzzing after a remark by Netflix CEO Reed Hastings in a Motley Fool podcast that DVDs may lose their number one spot for the company's video distribution after two years.

Although he didn't explicitly say what he thinks will replace DVD, a few of his statements seem to agree with what many have been saying since the end of the format war. It won't be Blu-ray.

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hitthegspot3293d ago

When will companies learn that consumers want to own what they pay for.

Blaze9293293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

As long as you still got Nintendo, Microsoft, and the movie industry still supporting DVDs, DVDs are here to stay.

Thats one thing I really wonder though. Sony went with blu-ray for the PS3 and will likely be the choice for the PS4...but if Nintendo and Microsoft still use DVDs next-gen then seriously what is the point of blu-ray on the Playstation outside of exclusive games. You could say Nintendo/Microsoft are holding the gaming progression back.

hitthegspot3292d ago

Who disagreed with me? Are you saying that you would rather rent than own? Used DVDs are now about $3...

Nathan Drake23292d ago


lost oddyssey-4 discs
forza 3-2 discs(and it only got 400 cars and 720 p resolution )
rage-4 discs

x360-last gen console

hitthegspot3292d ago

Home-Brew will allow you to play DVDs on your Wii...

How to Play DVD on Wii?

butterfinger3292d ago

What leads you to believe that Sony will stick with blu ray on the PS4?

PS3 = BD
PS4 = DD?

N4G king3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

it wont die
it just wont be mainstream any more
because its old gen tech

hell the CD is not dead yet
but at the same time its not mainstream
thats ( just like i said ) because its old

"DVDs, DVDs are here to stay"
yah thats why HD-DVD is dead right ??

and one more thing
MS and Nintendo wont support DVD for ever
i mean next gen is like 5 years to come and by that time using DVD would be a JOKE

calis3292d ago

"What leads you to believe that Sony will stick with blu ray on the PS4?"


N4G king3292d ago


you have a good point in there
i can see the PS4 getting a faster and more bigger bluray capacity
like those 100 gig's disk's

a game that would fell that disk .... WOW

butterfinger3292d ago

Investment means absolutely nothing. Sony was (and still is) greatly invested in the DVD format, and they used the PS2 as a trojan horse for DVD just like they have done with the PS3 and blu ray. Sony made a clear statement with the PSP Go, so don't expect them to support blu ray for another console generation especially if that new console is 3 years or more away.

Blaze9293292d ago

And just what the hell is your point?



Like Calis said, investment. Sony just cant ditch blu-ray out of no where and through all that money down the drain. Digital Distribution? I'm not too sure we'll see that by the PS4, not yet at least. I can't imagine downloading 20GB+ for one damn game. No thanks. Most definitely will still be blu-ray as they continue to try and push for that to be the new standard and accepted disc format.

butterfinger3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

how quickly all of you forget that last generation of gaming. People were saying the same thing about Sony and DVD. I guess we will just have to wait and see. lmao.

BTW: Sony wouldn't be throwing their money down the drain. If blu ray becomes mainstream, then the PS3 did it's job. They don't have to keep supporting blu ray with their video game consoles. Sony is an enormous electronics company, and they will make plenty of money off of blu ray in many other ways. The PS3 has done it's job just as the PS2 did.

hitthegspot3292d ago

That game is worth $60...

Darkstorn3292d ago

Pretty much. I don't have an HDTV, and probably won't get one for a while (I'm a college student, entertainment isn't my top priority). Sure, they're dropping in price, but the majority of HDTV sales these days is by those who already own one. More frugal families have decided that since they only watch a few hours of TV a week, they don't need some newfangled TV. I'm fine with my 27" SDTV, thank you very much (except when the text in games is too small to read).

evrfighter3292d ago

The age of the DVD is indeed near its end.

Digital Distribution will be the next big thing.

iamtehpwn3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

Even on a Standard Definition TV, a Bluray looks much better, particularly for CGI heavy flims.

And on An HDTV, the quality is absolutely amazing.

JackBNimble3292d ago

Untill streaming video becomes true HD as good or better then blu-ray ,then blu-ray will be here to stay.

And services like Netflex are American only.If you are Canadian (I don't know if the UK or EU has these services)you will not get most services like netflex to stream video.

glennc3292d ago

@iamtehpwn - blu-ray looks the same on SD as DVD does. it is not the same as comparing games, it is just resolution. i have directly compared both and there was no difference.

iamtehpwn3292d ago

I noticed a difference in Visual And Audio Quality from watching something in HD and SD on an SDTV. While it's smaller compared to HD + HDTV, it is still very much noticable. I can tell when video is HD or SD even by watching it on an SDTV because there's far less compress on the HD version.

captain-obvious3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

why in not surprised to see 360fanboys defend the DVD and claim its not dyeing and DD well be the future ??

all of this just because Sony made bluray ??

and i dont know what's the big deal of this
if you guys say the DD is the future and its better

then tell me
why the games on PSN and XBL don't outsell the games that are on DVD and blu-ray ???

jeseth3292d ago

I personally haven't bought a DVD. Its been almost 2 years since I bought a DVD movie.

You pro-DVD people can keep fooling/lying to yourselves all you want, it looks like crap compared to Blu Ray. Upscaled DVD, HD OnDemand, NetFlix streaming, etc. It all looks just as bad compared to Blu Ray as VHS looked to DVD.

butterfinger3292d ago

Your name doesn't suit you at all, since you clearly can't see the difference between downloadable titles and the games that are released on discs. Nobody was trying to make this a stupid fanboy argument until you came in here saying stupid things and acting paranoid about "360 fanboys".

captain-obvious3292d ago


don't try to spin things up
all i see you do is troll on PS3 threads
answer my question or don't talk at all

thorstein3292d ago

And I like paying for Blu Ray. So, the answer is yes DVD is done. Blue Ray is next and then...Flash?

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Dutch Boogie3293d ago

Are DVDs Nearing the End?

Microsoft sure as hell doesn't think so lol. It's quite obvious they weren't planning on pushing games development further. Who brings a last gen disk format to the HD war?

Jumping-Jack3293d ago

They will come to an end just as Video Tapes came to an end. How long however is debatable it could be anywhere from like 2 years to 6 years who knows. The age of digital downloads and Blu Ray will gain rule eventually, but as to how long we'll have to wait and see. However I could be wrong seeing as this is just my opinion but thats how I feel on the matter anyway.

Hutch23553292d ago

The difference between vhs to dvd and dvd to blu ray or DD is that you didn't need a new tv to watch dvd like you do with a blu ray, also most people still don't have a fast enough internet speed, heck tons are still on a dial up connection. So I think more like 6-10 years for dvd to finally be laid to rest. I can't see my mom or dad getting a new hdtv to watch blu rays, nor do I see a lot of people who have old sd tv's making the change just so they can watch a blu ray.

Pandamobile3293d ago

DVD's still have another 2-3 years before they start getting phased out entirely.

mrv3213293d ago

Not even close for DVD's it'll be more like 10-20. DVD's are still fine for movies. Go into HMV and you'll see.

DVD's for gaming are duying, now we'll start seeing more DVD and Hard drive hybrids like Forza 3 and thus entering a different realm.

Sony has a crystal ball and a ad team on meth.

PirateThom3293d ago

Oh, DVDs are HD then?

Meh, DVDs aren't fine. As TVs get bigger, the DVD's quality becomes even more apparent.

lagoonalight3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

LOL, I love when people say dvd is fine for movies or FILM. The 35mm format most employed in hollywood has relative resolution to that of bluray give or take a little. Nobody who really really enjoys cinema would ever settle for DVD period.

The resolution, colors, flaws, etc of the DVD format are apparent to anybody with a 1080 screen and eyes no matter how big or small. My Dell 24 inch shows a TON more detail and resolution compared to any upscaled dvd.

mrv3213292d ago

But TV's won't get bigger, the technology will allow them to grow but peoples houses wont I see 40 inches to to be standard instead of the 28 to 32 of 2000. DVD's will be fine.

I can't get tell the difference between blu-ray and dvd I have poor eyesight, I watch youtube on 26 inch tv's and they still look fine.

butterfinger3292d ago

It would be hard for a format that hasn't been our for 20 years to make it ANOTHER 20 years. If anything, digital distribution should have DVD completely killed off in the next 5 years or so.

calis3292d ago

"digital distribution should have DVD completely killed off in the next 5 years or so. "

Not a chance in hell.

DD will struggle to be the main format ever due to the simple fact that more half the world does not have an Internet connection or have a fast enough connection for streaming to be feasible.

N4G king3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

DD wont work at all at the moment
you think that sony didn't think of that ???

the whole world still don't have a HIGH speed connections

hell i know PPL in other countries downloading a games demo takes a whole night

he starts downloading it before he sleeps
leave his console up and running all night
and by the time he is up the download is at it's final stages

and that’s only a demo
what you think a full game would take ?? …. A WEEK ?

add to that the new big games like MAG
games in the future well be as big as that game

jmare3292d ago

I can see DD killing off DVDs. Not BluRays, just DVDs. The level needed to stream DVD quality video is almost here and it will take a few more years to get that technology to enough people to make it work. Blurays will still be there for people who want to own their content and audio- & videophiles. DD is perfect for rental, but It is crap for owning.

butterfinger3292d ago

EXACTLY. Really, the combination of blu ray and DD will be lethal to DVD sooner than later. Also, the technology will be their quicker than people like to think. You can say that DD won't become mainstream due to most people not having high speed connections, but that number will become smaller and smaller in the next 5 years. 5 years is a lifetime in terms of how they can advance the technology all over the world. Nobody is forcing you to give up your DVDs though, so why not have an open mind?

Pandamobile3292d ago

Console kids....

Digital download isn't streaming the game like a movie (see OnLive).

Digital download/digital distribution is when you purchase your games online, and download them directly (see Steam, Direct 2 Drive, Gamer-Gate, Impulse).

Digital distribution is already huge on PC, it's only a matter of time before the consoles try to catch up.

captain-obvious3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

you already can download games on your console using PSN and XBL

yes i know
but still you can find/buy games online

Pandamobile3292d ago

I mean on a grander scale.

You won't see a new release on Xbox Live.

Arnon3292d ago

Microsoft's already trying to do it with the Games on Demand service.

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sikbeta3292d ago

Guys there is something called "evolution", DVD's makes my grandma look like a baby