5 Game Genres That Desperately Need Project Natal

GB writes: When Wii Remote was first shown back at E3 2006, it created a great deal of buzz in the whole gaming industry. Some labeled it as the future of gaming, some said it was just a gimmick. But the official release of Wii removed all doubts. It indeed confirmed that motion control is the new direction for gaming. Soon the competitors realized the impact of this and this year at E3 2009, the focus was on motion control again, with Nintendo showing its improved version of WiiMotionPlus and Sony showing their own Camera Motion Controller, but the best of all and what we consider is the next big step in gaming, was Microsoft's Hands Free controller Project Natal. Project Natal among all of them, showed the greatest deal of potential in revolutionizing the whole gaming scene as what we know today. It offers an enormous amount of new possibilities upon which developers can work and create experiences never thought of before. With all this excitement in mind, we as normal die hard gamers came up with the list of game types/genres, what we think, might be the most successful with all this Project Natal integration.

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williamkenny3297d ago

I'm not big on the whole motion sensitive thing. I play video games to realax, not jump around in front of my telly like some chimp on speed.

gameseveryday3297d ago

same here, m not sure whether i will be running on walls like prince of persia.

Reibooi3296d ago

The only thing that needs project Natal are the Mini game collections that are soon to drown the 360.

kaveti66163296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

Yeah, here we go again. Let's talk about how we "come home from a hard day's work and we don't want to jump behind the couch blah blah blah..." The thing is, we are not the game developers, and we do not have the same creative energy as these game developers. Yet when these fanboy idiots cannot think of any good ideas for Natal, they dismiss it right away. How about we let the game developers work with the tech and use their own creative energy to figure out what they can do with it. Stop assuming that you're going to need to jump across walls and hop behind the couch. That's a childish thing to assume. Just because you're not observant enough, nor creative enough to figure out what the tech can be used for, it doesn't mean you can downplay its potential.

Stick to playing games, because if MAKING games was your strong suit, then you would not be here.

leyego3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

hmn.... Natal the controller less controller....

i wonder how u move forward.... i wonder how u jump... i wonder how u do anything without getting up and mimicing it yourself.

thats what i thought.
and don't go giving us that BS about using a controller with natal because that defeates the purpose of it.

WinterWolf3296d ago

There is no genre of games that desperately needs Natal.

Natal's success will depend on the type of games that are built from the ground up to use Natal and how fun those games really will be.

This is all judging from history. You don't see a Wii game that was partially designed to use motion sensor technology. That's because anything else is either half-assed or just a gimmick. Like throwing grenades in Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. Did it really need sixaxis to be successful?

And saying that a game genre desperately needs motion control is like saying it desperately needs sixaxis or Wii motion control. Such a genre shouldn't exist in the fist place, or how else would it have been successful thus far without it. Think about it...

jimbone3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

I am glad that I am not so lazy the mere though of moving around scares me. I personally do understand what you mean, but man you make your selves look like b1tches when you say it like that.If you want to look like "A Fat American Bee-ach" then keep it up.(by the way I am American). It no wonder we are the fattest country, It makes me laugh so hard when the main reason some dismiss Natal is a little physical activity.

badz1493296d ago

I think it's more about "how M$ desperately needs Natal to appeal to casual gamers" more than anything! to think that any game genre besides the casual games is purely delusional!

leyego3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

i think u got it backwards, otherwise the wii won't have sold as much as it did.
as u can see people don't mind wagging there hands around to play a game.

but imagine playing 2 hours with natal (since hardcore games are coming out for it). imagine playing geow3 or even a burn out with natal controls, can u honestly tell me u would u play 2-3 hours straight with your hands in thin air simulating a steering wheel and stepping on the gas?

the only hardcore games i can see it working REALLY well would be the RTS genre, and games that work best with a mouse since your finger can be a mouse pointer of sorts.

IdleLeeSiuLung3296d ago

Not every system will have it and hardcore gamers are usually early adopters meaning they aren't necessarily getting an Xbox 360 Natal bundle.

However, I'm excited about the idea of Natal if they can get some compelling games.

Microsoft Xbox 3603296d ago

Waiting for that AAA pat-a-cake game. It's Natal at its truest potential.

slayorofgods3296d ago

These are five game genre's better off without Natal.

ShadowCK3296d ago

Very enjoyable article. Thumbs up!

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gameseveryday3297d ago

Can it beat Sonys next motion controller?

Assassin Nawabi3297d ago

well i guess the question should be...will sony's motion controller beat wii's controller

williamkenny3297d ago

Exactly. Sony is going to be the last one to the motion-sensetive party, so they had better bring something good.

Fishy Fingers3297d ago

Sonys motion controller will be out well before Natal.

gameseveryday3297d ago

i guess Wii controller is getting really ol stand doesn't stand comparison with sony and Microsoft!

williamkenny3297d ago

I don't know...Wii did it first, so they will always have a large community.

Assassin Nawabi3297d ago

but you gotta remember they were the first ones into motion control and they must have some tricks in bag for future but as far as hardcore gaming goes i agree nintendo wont go there

williamkenny3297d ago

Yep. Nintendo would never go into gardcore gaming proper, it's just not their audience.

gameseveryday3297d ago

Nintendo doesnt follow hardcore gaming any more, so its not their forte for sure!

Assassin Nawabi3297d ago

having said that madworld was kinda hardcore

Dan GamingBolt3297d ago

Madworld? lol i can name like 50 hardcore games on the wii, but the wii will still have only like 5-10% hardcore games...

Transporter473297d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

please enlighten me

umair_s513296d ago

Haha, you beat me to it

Dan GamingBolt3296d ago


it was just a random number to support my argument =)

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baldguy713297d ago

the roject Natal thing kinda looks cool - but not sure I'd be into it myself personally

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