Windows 7 slower than Vista

The newly launched operating system of Microsoft, the Windows 7 has been reported to be slower than Windows Vista by as much as 42 percent. A Los Angeles based PC software company called iolo has made a report that the system takes One minute and 34 seconds to boot against one minute and six seconds by Vista.

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Pandamobile3387d ago (Edited 3387d ago )

What? Windows 7 takes like 15 seconds to boot up for me :|

gamesR4fun3387d ago (Edited 3387d ago )

The report was released after carrying a series of tests by iolo. The catch here is the startup point. Iolo has taken the start up point as the point when the PC becomes fully usable. Whereas Microsoft has claimed that the Windows 7 is faster than Vista with its time to the desktop.

Microsoft has also claimed that the system is faster while getting out of hibernation and sleep. A number of other tests have also agreed on to the claims made by iolo. PC World and Computerworld have reported the Windows 7 to be slower than Windows Vista by 10 to 14 percent. Iolo has reported that the delay could be the large number of applications that load with the Windows 7 box. Time will tell which system will emerge the winner.

ps chances are if your running a pirated copy its been tweaked ta run faster replaced the factory vista on one of my laptops with a light version and the things smoking fast.

Ron_Burgundy3387d ago

snow leopard takes about 6 seconds to boot up for me

XGRaViSmOrSX3387d ago

so they are basing system speed on boot up time....?

been running the 64-bit RC for a few months now and its hands down faster than my 64-bit version of vista. not to mention it uses entirely less resources.

evrfighter3387d ago

7 launches faster than my xp =\

solar3387d ago

been running Win7 64bit for months now...loads up fast and i love it. dont care if it take a few more seconds to come outta sleep. as long as its stable i couldnt give two craps.

Hoolock3387d ago

a pc speed boosting software retailer tells me windows 7 runs slow, next norton tell me its less secure. Im sure its true. BTW IMO Windows 7 is best OS M$ have ever produced (which ive used anyway )

uie4rhig3387d ago

and not the RC or Beta! that is version 7600.. and i gotta admit, the speed is actually quite frustrating :/ but donno, i cant remember how fast vista started up, but that wasn't that fast either...

JsonHenry3387d ago

Not sure what these guys are talking about. Win7 boots faster than ANY OS I have ever used. It uses less RAM/CPU resources compared to Vista.

EDIT - I have use the x64 versions of both Vista and 7.

zeeshan3387d ago

Can someone please tell me the difference between sleep and hibernation or sleep and shut down?

duplissi3387d ago

lol yeah right, ive been running win 7 ultimate for a few weeks now and its much much better and faster than vista

The Lazy One3386d ago

Sleep keeps all the stuff in your local memory and uses a small amount of power to keep it there. Hibernate puts everything in memory onto the hard drive and uses zero power, but is slower to boot up.

mal_tez923386d ago

I'm on 64-bit windows 7, and with only 4GB of RAM it starts up in less than 20 seconds. As for comparing it to Vista, ALL of my games run smoother than they did when I was using Vista.

dirthurts3386d ago

Shaved almost 400mb of ram usage on my rig, compared to Vista. Boots much faster, runs much faster. Lag free almost. It's crazy good.
These MS haters need to shut up and let people enjoy the OS. People hate success when it's other people.

IdleLeeSiuLung3386d ago

To me, unless it is unresponsive like a single core running a virus scanner it is not a problem. If it is such a big deal that your computer runs a whole 20 seconds slower to boot then perhaps you should invest in more RAM, faster hard drive (SSD?) and a faster CPU.

skagrerrrr3386d ago

win7 boots up extremely fast

skagrerrrr3386d ago (Edited 3386d ago )

runs smoothly on my pc even if my specs are 3 years old:

vid: EVGA 8800 gtx 768mb
ram: 1x 2GB 800mhz dual channel; 1x1 GB 800mhz dual channel
HDD: 1TB SATA HDD, 200MB SATA HDD, 2x 80GB Seagate IDEs
Monitor: SAMSUNG Syncmaster932 bw 2ms
Asus 680i Mainboard

uie4rhig3386d ago

you ought to try ubuntu.. SUPER SPEEDY boot!!!

Myndflyte3386d ago

I'm running Windows 7 on an older laptop with a dual core 2 2.0GHz and only 1Gb of RAM and it runs like a charm. It boots fast and I haven't noticed any noticeable slow downs. I'm sure if I ran Vista on this thing it would just bog down. I can't wait to throw Windows 7 on my main machine eventually.

Consoldtobots3386d ago

seems some of you need to work on your reading comprehension. EVERYONE has said the beta runs very fast, what they are talking about is the retail version with all the added security and runtime libraries piled on. Then it becomes slower than vista. same old MS tricks same old crap software.

velaxun3386d ago

LIES!!! Are they using a god damned 486? I clocked 20 seconds just now and that's WITH MSN, uTorrent, Nc Launcher, TVersity, Avast AND AI Booster all starting up

Leathersoup3386d ago

but... but... Windows computer do stuff besides run iTunes. ;)

vhero3386d ago

Of course its faster for most people as people were comparing a brand new windows 7 installation to vista which was a few years old with a ton of software and games installed. Windows 7 I actually do find faster but its still riddled with bugs and I hate the new documents system and the inability to switch back to the old look is a stupid idea.

Arthur_3386d ago (Edited 3386d ago )

But to be honest I use my XP desktop alot more often.
XP has been good to me and although 7 blows it out the water, Im not ready to part with it quite yet.
But i'll definetly be loading another copy of 7 on it. Ive never had to deal with Vista, and Im glad.

@ Ron_burgandy: Snow leopard is ghey. I use a 24in imac for work, and its hella slower now that SL is on it. Especially safari.

pphoenix3385d ago

i /agree my 64 bit vista system all be it, with 12gig ram i7, 2.67ghz and fancy crossfire 2 gig a piece vga will boot within 30 secs.

several issues i have with vista.

legacy drivers & f'ing driver digital signing being controlled by microsoft is a travesty.

if i want to allow a drive i should be allowed to you f'ing c**ts!

protecting us from malware or just forcing everyone to purchase licences from you?

router compatibility wtf?

printer, scanner compatibility wtf?

grouping views not in A,B,C only A to H, FFS!

program compatibility especially freeware

many freeware voided due to digital driver signing.

microsoft your gui sucks, XP 64 all the way.

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clixx333387d ago

Somebody's looking for inaccurate information hits.

3XP3387d ago

Any tester with half a brain would have performed the test on a clean install without any applications installed on either OS. You can't install a bunch of apps and then try and determine which OS boots the fastest. The installed apps could have an influence on the boot times.

James Bond3387d ago

I have no idea how you get slower than the slowest.

mrv3213387d ago

It's like negative energy... vista being no energy of course.

Vista isn't slow, so long as you disable everything on start up you don't need and ENABLE the dual core boot up, if you don't then it's pretty slow. I do a hard format eveyr couple of month and you'd be surprised how much it speeds up after only 1 month of use.

Ninjamonkey3387d ago

I just got a new laptop with windows 7 and its running much faster than vista.

It's starting up faster and just generally operating faster. The laptops pretty similar spec though...

roybatty3387d ago

.but the os itself is a little quicker. Not sure about gaming yet as only game I have tried is Quake live, and that will run on anything well, the engine is so old.