$50 off Sony Playstation 3 80GB Console + 2 DualShock Controllers

The old 80 GB PS3 Fat has lost favor since the much-hyped introduction of the new 120GB PS3 Slim, but that means good deals and good value on this proven high-quality game system for people who don't mind the bigger console box and don't need extra storage space beyond 80GB. Still features Blu-ray disc player, Dual-Shock 3 Rumble Wireless Controller, HDMI, 1080p, Ethernet, and Bluetooth.

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randomwiz3347d ago (Edited 3347d ago )

they should make it $199 for 80gb ps3 instead of $250, and an extra controller, oh well, either way, it sounds like a better deal than the $600 i payed for mine, BUT, i don't care how much cheaper it is now, I have 4 usb ports, memory card readers AND BC

Perkel3346d ago


playin mgs3 again now..

Hutch23553346d ago

I thought that all ps3's were sold out everywhere. When I posted that my local bestbuy in Billings MT had about 10 fats and 15 slims I was killed with 40+ disagrees. OMG I can't believe there is even 1 left on the planet. Hurry and get it before its gone. OMG

Jamaicangmr3346d ago

You wonder why u get disagrees? Grow up.

nightelfmohawk3346d ago

No wi-fi
Ass raping hard drive prices
Pay to play games online
54.2% failure rate
Every "exclusive" ends up on the PS3
No web browser
Most games are sub-HD

sirbigam3346d ago

That is a good deal, whoever is in need and passes this offer needs to be slapped silly.

arakouftaian3346d ago

you can get this deal for,

thats a good deal...

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