Activision wants your help with Spider-Man: Friend or Foe

Activision is sending out surveys to those that signed up for the newsletter from the Spider-Man: Friend or Foe website. Reader Skylar included an excerpt from the email in his own.

"The next Spidey title has just started the early stages of planning. It's a blank slate. Anything is possible and our developers want to know what YOU think. So, what innovative ideas and good suggestions do you have?"

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Caxtus7504168d ago

just started? :S release this fall? :s

or maybe i imagined the release date in which case ignore.

Quisp4168d ago

This is not the already released version, which apparently sucks.

Make the camera decent. I dont care how pretty something looks, if the controls are crap, the game just isnt worth it.

Genki4168d ago

stop stifling your developers and give them ample time to craft a game on arguably the worlds most beloved superhero.

There's a start. Ridiculous. Blank slate + Fall release? I think I'd rather not bat an eye at this one.