PlayStation 3: US Release Date Revision 5/21

IGN still lists MGS4 for November.
PlayStation 3: US Release Date Revision 5/21

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drtysouf214583d ago

is still listed as November here.

lil bush4583d ago

man a busy summer for me, lair, NGS, RB6 vegas, and the darkness.....

sonarus4583d ago

Why do they torture us with hope:( ps3 is coming out with a heavy fall line up after all. Finally bringin out the big guns. Hope uncharted plays as good as it looks.

eques judicii4583d ago

this is lame... posting a release list is not "news" and shouldn't be posted as such. this should not have been approved. Especially because the title makes it seem like it was an official statement, which it is not.

drtysouf214583d ago

it has updated release information on upcoming games. Better to release a full list then have a story with each individual release. If its lame to know when games are getting released then why are you on a site called news for gamers?

Keyser4583d ago

September is going to suck for my wallet. There are so many games I'm going to want that month I don't know where I'm going to find the time. Then Halo 3 on the 25th...I'm going to need some time off.

ElementX4583d ago

I took time off of work for Halo 2, Xbox 360 launch, and I'll be doing it again this fall ;)