New, High-Impact Need for Speed Coming

EA has released the teaser trailer after the link, which shows a rather busted looking RX-7, complete with paint scrapes, dented fenders, and interestingly stitched up bodywork. This look doesn't really seem to fit with the glam-worthy polished cars seen in the Underground series, so it looks like we might just have another postfix to add to the Need for Speed brand soon.

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Lygre4589d ago

I don't think that the next NFS game could compete with games such as Forza 2 or PGR4. That's just what I think when I look back and see now alike all the latest NFS games have been.

I will try a demo if it comes out. But I'm not expecting it to be good.

JPomper4589d ago

Man, why do I keep giving EA the benefit of the doubt? This sh!t hasn't been right since Porsche Unleashed. I used to play the crap out of High Stakes.

C'mon... just do something right this time, guys.

LSDARBY4589d ago

I aint expeecting it to be great. But i really enjoyed Most Wanted. Lets hope they get it right cus Carbon was pretty average.

JIN KAZAMA4589d ago

for a long time. The BEST onen was NFS:Hot Pursuit 2. I loved that one, and every iteration has been in decline since. I bet this one will also suck like the rest of them. EA, you suck!

spacetoilet4589d ago

Nail on the head my friend.
All these 'teeny' night street racing versions they have put out have sucked a$$.

JPomper4589d ago

Agreed. I'll admit that I played the first Underground quite a bit... but eh. You know, all they needed to do to make Most Wanted a hit was have free-roaming online with cops. That's all they would have needed to put in.

Yet it's EA.

InMyOpinion4589d ago

I think Carbon was garbage. Framerate from hell and very very bad steering. And I never ever felt any enjoyment from playing it. Like with many EA titles, it felt soulless. The only NFS game I really liked was Underground 2. It had more player freedom.

Silvia0074589d ago

I miss Tokyo Extreme Racer... These games may be on the cheap, but it's a little bit of fun when moving away from strict track based racing like GT and Forza.

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The story is too old to be commented.