Order of War Review AceGamez

There is one very good reason as to why most Real Time Strategy games often focus their efforts on waging small scale digital warfare, and it's simply because fighting a war on anything larger can be massively difficult, particularly when it involves modern weapons such as tanks and aircraft. Balancing out those legions of troops and their multitude of weaponry, worrying about how effective certain tanks are against certain opposition, the constant trouble of deciding when and where the use of artillery and air support is needed, attempting to sift through each of the strengths and weaknesses of these units out of combat can be hard enough, when you're thrown up against an enemy who not only matches you in strength but often outnumbers you as well, it can be a nightmare. The irony of Order of War is that for the huge size of the battlefields it has you fighting through, for the amount of control it unceremoniously dumps at your feet, the game can still be a little too easy.

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