Colin McRae: DiRT 2 Xbox 360 Review AceGamez

The developers of racing titles have a conundrum on their hands when trying to create an experience that is both authentic to appease gear heads, while remaining accessible enough for those simply looking for a fun experience they can dip in and out of at leisure. Some fall dangerously close to being bogged down by the same morass that genre counterparts Forza Motorsport and Gran Turismo constantly find themselves in by placing the car as the star of the show, with recent iterations of each series appearing a tad soulless and devoid of any human element. On the other hand, any racing game that does feature a strong human element, such as the tacked-on narratives in the inconsistent Need for Speed series, will often fail to strike a balance between a solid racing mechanic and storyline. Racers with an identity crisis commonly end up leaving a chunk of the racing fan base in the dark, but thankfully, the revamped Colin McRae DiRT 2 works on so many levels by covering enough bases to keep everyone happy.

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