Best Buy Ratings Deal is Bad News for ESRB

On Thursday GamePolitics reported on a deal between retailer Best Buy and watchdog group Common Sense Media that places CSM's video game ratings alongside those of the ESRB on the website.

While GamePolitics commented at the time that the move didn't seem to bode well for the ESRB, the organization itself put on a brave face. Spokesman Eliot Mizrachi told GameDaily BIZ:

"ESRB ratings are just one tool among many that consumers can and should use to help them make informed video game purchase decisions. Best Buy continues to be a strong supporter of ESRB ratings, and this move expands upon the resources they've been offering their customers…"

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PS360WII4591d ago

lets confuse parents all the more! Now having to try and figure out one rating system they have two!! ugh this is only a new problem