AppGamer: iBlast Moki Review

The premise of iBlast Moki is simple; get all of your cute little mokis to the exit portal using one or more of the items provided. In reality, this will require some forethought and ingenuity. The items consist of some combination of bombs, rope, wheels, screws, bars and balloons. It is your job to MacGyver something together using just the items at hand and your knowledge of gravity and physics to save the mokis. There are over 70 levels (including multiple "boss" levels) spread across six different worlds, each with its own unique style, terrain and obstacles. At the end of each level you are awarded points and a bronze, silver, or gold ranking, but you do have the opportunity to retry previous levels at any time to improve your scores. This is important if you want to claim your spot amongst the upper echelon of iBlast Moki players from around the globe on the Plus+ enabled leaderboards.

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