Lucasfilm : No Starwars for Blu-ray HD DVD....Yet

Following Last week rumors that Start Wars would be a Blu-ray exclusive, PC world did a follow up to that story and unfortunately, according to John Singh, spokesperson for Lucasfilm Ltd., "Lucasfilm Ltd. has no plans to release any of the Star Wars movies on Blu-ray or HD DVD. Listings on or any other Web site are purely speculative and erroneous."

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decapitator4585d ago

haha, this is funny, so noone gets it ? release it for dvd then.

sonarus4585d ago

Am pretty sure star wars is under FOX. Havnt really been followin all this blu ray stuff but i think fox now releases exclusively for blu ray so it will prob still be a blu ray exclusive. but i could be wrong

lilwingman4585d ago

Indeed you are correct. As things stand right now, if the SW trilogy goes to HD, it will be on Blu-Ray.

ITR4585d ago

GL has full control of SW franchise. FOX has more to lose then to gain if they try to force GL's hand in the format wars. GL is working on a SW tv series for FOX HD.

GL took his dam sweet time releasing the orig. trilogy on DVD.
If Toyboy Lucas decides to go HD he will probably make it HD-DVD and Blu-Ray.
Why? Because the the fanbase would warrant it and GL doesn't like to leave out fans. Fans = money.
FOX wants to keep GL happy.

He will either do a dual format or wait for a format winner.

gta_cb4585d ago

i agree, i would love to see the films in HD, i dont own any stand alone high deff players, i dont own a PS3, i own an Xbox 360, but dont own the HD-DVD add on, and i wont buy the add on or a standalone as i am not getting involved in this format war.

Clinton5144585d ago

Someone needs to stop publishing articles not pertaining the the gaming industry.

power of Green 4585d ago (Edited 4585d ago )

Never even commented in the BR exclusive thread as i knew it was BULLSHIT; GL is greedy as hell he has the power to make as much money as possible.

I mean come on HD-DVD have more players sold. I don't know if PS3 will be looked at as a long term tool for blu-ray when players will be half the cost of PS3 and will out pace its sales.

ITR4585d ago

I love SW and GL but GL is doubt about it.

If he did HD it would come out on both formats...mostly because you hit more pockets that way.
Diehard fans will buy both versions too!

LOTR's trilogy looks to coming to HD-DVD, but will probably be a dual format too...because Peter J needs some money!

JasonPC360PS3Wii4585d ago

Besides there just is no clear winner yet, allthough Sony fans like to think Blu-Ray has won but in reality its to close right now.

gta_cb4585d ago

i so hope your wrong =(

(i didnt disagree)

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The story is too old to be commented.