80GB PS3 "could be an option" for other markets, says Sony

Sony Computer Entertainment has said that the company could release the 80GB PlayStation 3 outside South Korea - but there are currently no plans to do so.

As reported by the Washington Post, spokesperson Satoshi Fukuoka said, "At this time there are no concrete plans [to sell the model in other markets].

"However," he added, "It could be an option to introduce it in other regions but it needs to be decided by each region."

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Eldon34195d ago

I doubt it would boost sales any unless there was some sort of price drop associated with it.

Phantom_Lee4195d ago

its just 20 more GB...and u cant play ps/ps2 games.....

lilwingman4195d ago

Um, yes you can. It's the same as the PAL-release, except 80 GB.

I think Sony should focus on getting the price of the 60 GB down $100 or so before they go introducing another model.

Lord Anubis4195d ago

well, they released it in Korea because they hadn't released any other system there but since you can pretty much fit any SATA 2.5" drive in the PS3 it would be pointless to release the 80 gigs in a territory that already has one of the two SKUs

PhinneousD4194d ago (Edited 4194d ago )

will this give me a bj too?! :-o
no? :-(

then this is useless to me.