MGU Review: Age of Heroes IV - Blood and Twilight

MGU writes: "Age of Heroes is one of the longest standing RPG game brands on the mobile market - deservedly so, as it's probably one of the best - so how does this fourth instalment compare to its predecessors?

In a word, brilliantly! OK, with heavy expectations behind it, this game has a tough act to follow. Therefore, I'm pleased to say it's everything it should be and more.

Age of Heroes IV is a story of heroes and monsters; although the line between good and bad is very blurred. You can play as the warrior, the ranger or priestess. The warrior has the ability with improved attack and defence, the ranger has improved speed and sight, meanwhile the priestess has magic and necromancy abilities. So you have the flexibility from the start to pick the character of your choice, which can be used to suit your particular style."

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