MGU Review: Need For Speed: Undercover (iPhone)

MGU writes: "Having already seen the light of day on the consoles, Undercover soars its way to the iPhone to deliver some high-octane racing action. Just like in the film The Fast and the Furious, you play a cop who's required to go undercover in an underground street racing scene. In order to work your way up the ranks and eventually disband the smuggling ring, you must participate in a series of high speed events across three areas. The events span standard races, evading cops, chase and destroy missions and vehicle deliveries.

As the game progresses you will come across the same events spread around the three neighbourhoods, but they are nicely spread out meaning repetition never sinks in (unless of course you need to replay the same event several times over). They're certainly a nice variety, each one being fun to play, albeit a little reminiscent of some of the low-key Grand Theft Auto missions. However, these are given more appeal in a game of this type."

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