MGU Review: DTM Race Driver 3D

MGU writes: "There's no doubt that mobile racing simulators have progressively got better and better over time. One particular title that's well worth having a closer look at is DTM Race Driver 3D. In this action-packed thrill ride, you can get behind the wheel of a high powered rally car and work your way from the back of the pack to cross the finishing line first.

Whether you want to have a 'World Tour', develop a 'Pro Career' or test your skills in a 'Free Race', then this will give you all the possible full-throttle action you could be looking for. Displayed in fantastic 3D quality graphics, you get to see the detail in not just your own vehicle but all the other cars on the circuit. Speaking of the tracks themselves, they are a brilliant mixture of hairpin turns, chicanes and long straights - where you can push the pedal to the metal and try to distance yourself from the others."

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