Tekken 6 PS3 Trophy List

All 50 of the Tekken 6 Trophies posted exclusively at TheSixthAxis.

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Sunny_D3295d ago

Man, I hate trophies for fighting games. You always have a certain way you have to win or die.

EX: Win with a Super Extreme Power Attack with just 1% of your health left.

Finish him with a 99 hit combo.

Win 100 mathes in a row.

Chaos Striker3295d ago

Actually if you look at this list, it seems to heavily emphasize the scenario campaign mode more so than online play. There appears to only be 3 bronze trophies tied towards playing online. This list definitely seems a lot fairer opposed to other ones

Megaton3295d ago

BlazBlue has a really good trophy list.

BYE3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

I like the trophies in fighting games. Street Fighter 4 for example has a great trophy list.

Trophies are not supposed to be easy to get for everyone.

Megaton3295d ago

I think SFIV's trophies are pretty lame. It's just a cheap grind, for the most part. Some of BlazBlue's are hard, but very unique. 6 shock attacks in one round with Tager, float 25 seconds with Rachel, disable Nirvana 3 times in one match. They're not as easy as they sound. Very unique stuff in-match, which I like a lot more than "win 50, 100, 200, 500 matches". BlazBlue has those too, but not nearly as many as SFIV.

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spunnups3295d ago

That's taking it to the extreme.

LeShin3295d ago

That looks way too easy for me :) Wonder what happened to 'beat 100 opponents online' trophy.

jaketimate3295d ago

if you readed carfully there are 11 secret trophies

takohma3295d ago

i wish there was more online trophies like sf4. i kinda sucked at sf4 but im really good in tekken and all i get is 3 bronze trophies for pounding people!!!!

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