Sony Set to Profit Immensely from Michael Jackson

PSP World writes:

"The day after Michael Jackson died tragically in his California home, it was impossible to go anywhere without hearing his music playing. Fans rushed out to buy CDs for the first time in years, while iTunes sold a record number of Michael's classic tracks. There was even speculation that a long-rumored video game featuring the singer's likeness would finally be developed and released for current-gen consoles."

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clinker3292d ago

I don't mind Sony making money from MJ as long as they do it tastefully. Moonwalker was an awesome video game and it would be fantastic if they could do something similar on current-gen hardware.

Elven63292d ago

You can't really profit off anyone tastefully without people crying foul at one point or another.

Ahh well, the world hated Michael before he died, after he died after one acting like they loved him, especially the media who just years go demonized him like no tomorrow.

Sunny_D3292d ago

Hypocrites I tell ya. Me personally, I actually listened to him, and even had his Vinyl's. But, his death just reminded me to dust them off and start listening to them again. Nothing wrong with that.

Jamegohanssj53292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

I hope the MJ game is some what similar to the Hannah Montana Movie game where you can actually sing and what not within the game. I can't wait for Singstar: Michael Jackson as we all know it's coming. It would be cool if Sony made their own Rock Band/Guitar Hero game just for Michael Jackson as they have the rights to his music

The game they mentioned was set to release this Holiday season for the PS3, PS2, and Wii.


Megaton3292d ago

The hypocrisy surrounding his death drove me up the f*cking wall. All of a sudden that race baiter Sharpton and the black community behind him embrace Jackson as a national treasure of a black man, and the rest of the world seemingly couldn't stop crying over the loss of "the king of pop", "this generation's Elvis". Give me a f*cking break.

Noctis Aftermath3292d ago

How the f**k is this gaming news? who cares if sony profit, they own the rights to his music, what did you expect them to do? give his music away for free?

JD_Shadow3292d ago

Because there was a small rumor of a MJ game being in the works, and that the profits that Sony has gotten from this might be good to be used for the Playstation line. There's a lot of potential gaming news to be had from this.

jjohan353292d ago

So if there's going to be a video game involving MJ, how would they render his looks? What he looked like in the 70s? or 80s? or 90s? or this past decade? That's tough for the developers!

yog-sothot3292d ago

Wow, so there are people who think Moonwalker was a good game ? Seriously, it was a piece of crap (this has nothing to do with MJ btw). If you don't know the game, just watch this, you'll understand

Jamegohanssj53292d ago

I would like my bubbles back btw. Thanks.


HDgamer3292d ago

One minute he's a pedophile the next minute he's bigger than Jesus Christ. Yeah the hypocrisy is very sickening. I find it very funny that people are willing to put his music over his actions. MJ got messed up around the time his hair caught fire and he took those pain killers. No way in hell can someone do 5 spins without being high.

duplissi3292d ago


have a bubble

Arsenal4Ever3292d ago

Weren't you the one who wished upon someones death a couple of weeks ago?

Jamegohanssj53292d ago

I'd never do such a thing. Unless someone's been playing on my fudging account! Explains why I couldn't get on any last week. HM!


vhero3291d ago

I know its Sony but whys this in the ps3 section?

The Lazy One3291d ago

this article definitely has to do a lot with games...

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n4gn4gn4gn4g3292d ago

try and seduce young boys into compromising positions?

We already have is called HOME.

Sunny_D3292d ago

Dude, just let it go. Mj was proven innocent for those charges, and your still making fun of a dead guy.

n4gn4gn4gn4g3292d ago

the prove 'guilt' beyond reasonable doubt.

So yes...they were unable to prove guilt in a criminal case ... doesn't mean he didn't do anything.

You believe OJ Simpson didn't kill his ex-wife and friend either?

And so what if he is dead...all those victims he scarred are still living with what he did to them.

chisox1003292d ago

Singstar Michael Jackson would sell like crack.

NecrumSlavery3292d ago

Singstar:MJ is cool idea. What about Moonraker or whatever the nintendo game was, redone in HD for the PSN.

Bronze trophy: moonwalk over a hundred feet straight

YoungKiller253292d ago

n4gn4gn4gn4g is right he did mess with little boys but thats no reason to make fun of him but if you actually followed the trial you would know like 3 boys gave testimonies against him and one of his body gaurds
but we will never know if it was true

The Killer3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

did you see with your eyes if MJ did something with the young boys??

if not then how can you believe such rumors that was never proven?

in fact it was proven in some cases that the boys lied to get money from MJ.

so if someone from N4G says that you [email protected] you mom should we believe him?

the islamic way is you need 2 witnesses and 4 in case of sexuality or else STFU! so is there any 2 or 4 witnesses who can be trusted in this manner?

the whole thing is fabrication, american media is expert on it.

ExPresident3292d ago

So as long as the person doing the crime commits it in a secret place against 1 victim at a time there are no witnesses so no one to really say it happened? So the victim remains a victim and the person committing the crime can continue on? Awesome.

The Killer3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

well, if there is no deviance then how can you criminalize someone with no evidence?

if there was no witnesses but there was a proof or evidence of a crime then the criminal will be judged but if no witnesses and no evidence in what mother earth right can you or anyone judge anybody of anything??

n4gn4gn4gn4g3292d ago

I'm supposed to take direction from a religion that believes that if I martyr myself there will be virgins in heaven for me? How

AuToFiRE3292d ago

whats similar between micheal jacson and an xbox?

they are both made of plastic and young boys turn them on


you ugly piece of shlt....HOME is great . you defitnitely need home to find friends losers . i love the old mike . new mike sucks . How your stupid avatar doing bots ?? loser like you need to be shot so you can't game no more ..

ZBlacktt3291d ago

Shut User Up
You have already given feedback to this user.

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Sunny_D3292d ago

Press agree if you are going to watch the movie.
Press disagree if you are not.

badkolo3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

well this title is misleading, michael jackson estate will benefit as well.

the facts are that michael owns half of all sony publishing rights.

thats right, he owns half, anything that comes out as in a movie or music michaels estate gets half.

he even owns eminem and many other artists that are under sony's label, michael gets and owns half.


if he was a so called pedafile then why hasnt even one child come out of the woodwork since his death, becuase michael isnt a pedafile, thats the media

Fishy Fingers3292d ago

Yep, the media paid off that family to avoid going to court didnt they. Oh no, they didnt did they. God, you can be a fan of his music but still realise he had "problems". Michael Jackson was no saint, far from it.

Halo3 MLG Pro3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

What? I agree that he wasn't a pedophile but he was clearly on drugs. The autopsy showed he died of numerous doses of sleeping agents and pills.

Da One3291d ago

Interscope..............which has nothing to do with Seeing how they are owned by completely different companies(Interscope is owned by the same people as who own Universal, they also Activision).

You got a link for your claims, cause what your stating would be a great read.

Eamon3291d ago

I completely doubt that MJ was a peadophile.
He did admit that he literally sleeps with children in this documentary about his Neverland. But he doesn't abuse or rape them. Either the family of the child wanted to make money out of him or they just did not feel that "nothing couldn't have happened" when their child was in the same bed as him.

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clarkdef3292d ago

That kid that started the abuse scam did come forth after his death and say that he and his family were lying

Enigma_20993292d ago

And how fast did they cover THIS up?

Enigma_20993290d ago

...why the hell did I get a disagree for saying that?