Evidence Showing Why PS3 is Made by Aliens

There have been many theories about Sony and their plans to lead the video game industry. Many of which involve the battle between Microsoft and Sony as competitors. Well I have scientific proof on why so many people have a unique sense to not warm up to Sony so fast. The proof leads me to one very important problem, Sony is in fact affiliated with Aliens and the PS3 is Alien technology! Let me explain how this is true.

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Hellsvacancy3476d ago

Yep the Ps3 is miles ahead of its competition

Darkeyes3476d ago

Lol and it's pulverizing competition in nearly every gaming department, be it graphics, story telling, number of exclusives landing and First party.....

Uncharted 2..... That is made by aliens for sure.

karan86243476d ago

I know the secret to the entire PS3 alien conspiracy. I could tell you... but then I'd have to kill you

Sunny_D3476d ago

Ok, this article is stupid, but the PS3 is a BEAST!

deadreckoning6663476d ago (Edited 3476d ago )

"Yep the Ps3 is miles ahead of its competition"

Yeah, but the majority hasn't been convinced of that yet. No fanboyism here. Im just wondering how it's okay for you to say that but neglect the other side of the story.

If the PS3 is "miles ahead" how come people aren't recognizing it to be?(Just want an honest answer)

BTW: Don't try and spin this and answer a question with a question like.
"Oh, how is the 360 so much better?" Defend ur console by DEFENDING it, not by hating on others.

jellybalboa3476d ago

atlast we have some real factual evidence sony uses alien technology, thankyou to the author of article.

Hellsvacancy3476d ago (Edited 3476d ago )

Mofo wot is your problem? and as 4 the "how it's okay for you to say that but neglect the other side of the story" ITS BECAUSE I DONT CARE ABOUT "THE OTHER SIDE OF THE STORY" ITS NOT IMPORTANT THIS IS AN ARTICLE ALL ABOUT THE PS3

Besides "the other side of the story" wasnt even mentioned so u sayin "no fanboyism here" is a farce

Darkeyes3476d ago

@dead... What do you mean by 'People aren't recognizing it'? Just last month PS3 sold 1.2 million units. It was only the price that was the factor. With 2 price drops (150$ to be exact for Elite) even M$ is RECOGNIZING the threat PS3 is to it..... Don't know why you only are always asking 'why a PS3 is miles ahead'

PS3 is miles ahead in:
1)Graphics department
2)Quality of exclusive games... First party FTW
3)Games which push the online barrier accommodating more than 250 people online.
4)Games which cover all genre and some which even create new (LBP and Heavy Rain).

Only a blind person would undermine what a PS3 brings to the table.... YOU CAN'T EXPERIENCE NEXT GEN OF GAMING WITHOUT A PS3...... FACT.

cryymoar3476d ago (Edited 3476d ago )

so a few months back, this guy walks into my store asking about the prices of all the consoles, and then goes on to tell me that he hates Sony because they purposely made the PS3 expensive by putting some expensive rare crystal or diamond mined from Africa in each console, said he read it on CNN.
I asked him what the purpose of the diamond, maybe the processor die is made out of it or the bluray lens or something, anything, he said no, they just stuck it in there to jack up the price.
I told him that would be foolish as Sony would have to pay for that those diamonds anyway. He quickly dismissed me as 'ill informed'.

cyberwaffles3476d ago

playing the sales card is honestly the only thing you can pull on the ps3 and even then they have good sales for good games.

WenisWagon3476d ago

Doesn't look like their plans are going so well. Its hard to be a leader when you're in dead last.

deadreckoning6663476d ago (Edited 3476d ago )


No thats SUBJECTIVE. Where do you get the audacity to tell anyone what next-gen gaming is? Of all my friends and family Im the only one who owns and plays on the PS3 the majority of the time. But guess what, there just as happy playing on 360.

Ur saying that the Wii ISN'T a NEXT-GEN console?? Listen next-gen DOESN'T mean the best graphics or technology or processing power. Next-gen means NEW EXPERIENCES. Good sir, uve proved my point. Thats one of the dumbest statements ive ever read. LOL, id better go tell the majority of people I know that they were fooled this whole time and they haven't been playing on next-gen consoles.

Darkeyes3476d ago

Uncharted 1/2 gives me the audacity to say PS3 is next gen gaming... MGS4 gives me the audacity to say PS3 is next gen gaming.... Killzone 2 gives me the audacity to say PS3 is next gen gaming.... LBP gives me the fkin audacity to say PS3 is next gen gaming.... People who own a Wii will also shout we are a part of next gen gaming, but frankly they are not. I would also consider a 360, but half of it's exclusives can be experienced on a PC as well..

Pushing a console to the true boundaries of it's potential is next gen gaming... Pushing the online aspect of gaming is next gen gaming... Throwing in gimmicky motion controller with a Gamecube ISN'T next gen gaming. You and I both know we are talking about the hardcore aspect, so lets leave the Wii out for now. Tell me one 360 game that really innovates or pushes the dynamics of gaming forward? I can name PS3 games like LBP which brought innovation to the table. I can name games like Heavy Rain, which try to create new genres.... I can name MAG which pushes the online frontier forward...

Repackaging same games with same multi-player at 60$ isn't NEXT GEN, having no improvement in graphics even after 2 years ISN'T NEXT GEN, Having only shooters as so called EXCLUSIVES ISN'T NEXT GEN....

Oh ya and I got my hands on UC2 (Street date broken) and it's fkin awesome.... I can proudly say THIS IS NEXT GEN GAMING RIGHT HERE... Don't trust me???? Try UC2 and then say PS3 isn't next gen gaming....

As I said earlier, YOU CAN'T EXPERIENCE NEXT GEN WITHOUT A PS3... DOUBLE FACT and this isn't subjective mate... Just wait till GOW3, GT5 and TLG land.... Pushing boundaries only on PS3

Raz3476d ago

"Demon's Souls". That is my response.

aueslander3476d ago

UC 1 and 2 are just better versions of Tomb Raider and staars a guy instead of a chick

LBP is basically a platformer ala mario and sonic so, not innovative

KZ2's only advancement was/is best looking graphics which, if that is what you say for it (since the story is crap, the acting, like from rico, is horrible, the controls are sluggis, and the online turns into rocket fests when you get hih enough) then it means you are a graphicswhoe and thus not a true gamer and thus needs to STFU and stop being a retarded 14 year old fanboy.

Finally, since we have been in this gen now for 4 years, the fact you are calling PS3 a next gen system shows what an idiot you are.

Lich1203476d ago

Is this a joke article and I missed it? Sony had nothing to do with the making of the cell processor. Sony doesn't manufacture processors, IBM does and they made the cell. Sony was just the first major buyer.

jadenkorri3475d ago

your arguments are flawed... there is no 1 definition of next generation in gaming, next gen could be defined as better graphics, which the ps3 so far has proved (exclude pc for now), NG can be defined by the online experience that live offers, or how many people are online in 1 game were as MAG will have. NG could be defined as the most interactive/involved in gaming experience which Wii motion controllers offers.
BTW both aueslander and darkeyes are idiots, you both clearly have different perspectives of what Next Gen gaming is and make stpuid arguments over it, but its aueslander who proves who the biggest idiot of the 2 are. And did you really have to point out UC1/2 is a rip off of Tomb Raider, I'm sorry, but what game isn't a rip off of another game. Innovation is over with and done, cause if it was still around we wouldn't be on Final fantasy 13, or Call of duty 6, or Halo 4, let alone any game with a number at the end.

dustgavin3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

Of course. Sony is always innovative with each system.

aceitman3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

cant score high enough on next gen games. so gametrailers is so last gen they dont know a next gen game when they review one. they fail.
gametrailers shane review - oh this is to next gen. look at the pretty graphics there to pretty i have to take 5 points off. look how fluid the characters move oh thats -4 so last gen . oh they made a game like tombraider and perfected it, but added more things from other games he jumps like mario from mario galaxy. uncharted 2 is not original i have to take 9 points off for that.and a game like that will never score higher than a 9.3 , wow look at gears 1.5 that is ground breaking and original i will give it a 9.3 just for that and ill review the the online mode and add .2 final verdict 9.5 thank you for watching my reviews of uncharted 2 and gears 1.5 dont forget to watch my show invisible hogs where we trash the ps3 and love the 360. oh was the mic on when i said that .
thank you shame from lame trailers .

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Sunny_D3476d ago

Ken, you're not an alien are you? ARE YOU??? I always thought Bots were made by their alien creators, Microsoft.

deadreckoning6663476d ago

Ya kno, u doing this in the open zone doesn't make it any less pathetic. This isn't the first time uve done this so I suspect u have a need for it.

Sunny_D3476d ago (Edited 3476d ago )

Dude, STFU. You can't stop anybody from doing what they want. So stop acting like a damn butthurt crowd control. You have a secret admiration for the 360, so why do you pose and act as a ps3 fan when you don't seem to be soo proud of it? Yes, you can show me your psn id, well anybody can. But, you could have a 360 as well. You always seem to say negative things for everything, and praise the console you don't have apparently.

Tr10wn3476d ago

Oh i have a PS3 let me start writing non sense thing, KEN you are not an alien are you? my god i thought you were one of those little green guys that are planning to invade the world and make every one a 360 so every one will be a bot and make bill gates president. yea now that make sense

deadreckoning6663476d ago (Edited 3476d ago )

I have both consoles and I have an admiration for them both. But when u talk about "bots" like they did somethg to u for u ta hate them so much, that tells me ur very immature. I call it like it is and I talk about the negatives of both my consoles and well as the positives. The way it SHOULD be.

"You always seem to say negative things for everything"
No sh!t, EVERYTHG has negative aspects about it. I discuss the good and the bad.

The only loser in the console generation is the person who has the LEAST options...Fact.

Edit: I didn't say that the people who DON'T have a choice are losers. I said the people who have the LEAST options are the losers. Big Difference.

Elvfam5113476d ago (Edited 3476d ago )

So I'm a loser this gen because i don't have a choice that make all the sense in the world

Sorry if i got sick and tired of the Xbox 360 breaking down on me please gtfo with that nonsense

if you don't have a choice your a loser calling every single console owner whether it be a Ps3, X360, or a Wii a loser nice of you and thanks by the way

choice and option is the same thing
I have a choice to play X360 or Ps3 or Wii
I have a option to play X360 or Ps3 or Wii

Tr10wn3476d ago

I think what Dead means is that being a Fanboy is for loosers, people like Sir Ken_Kutaragi that own only one console and favorite that only console are pathetic, why bother calling them self gamers when they are trolling over a forum and not playing games at all.

If you only own one console just gtfo don't be a fanboy and no one will ever call you a loser.

P.S. if your 360 got RRoD or any other problem just call MS the warranty is free even the shipping is free

Elvfam5113476d ago

I use to have a 360 since 5/2006 i knew about the warranty so please to try to feed me information i already knew about

"Sorry if i got sick and tired of the Xbox 360 breaking down on me"

Meaning i moved on to a Playstation 3 because of Xbox 360 issues

don't call nobody out when the other side of the fence does the same and probably just has that console of choice

"If you only own one console just gtfo don't be a fanboy and no one will ever call you a loser."

Yes i only one console so what of it now im a loser and a fanboy because I just own one console

To All gamers Out There That Own Only One Console Whether It Be The Xbox 360, PS3, or Wii You're A Loser and a Fanboy

"I think what Dead means is that being a Fanboy is for loosers, people like Sir Ken_Kutaragi that own only one console and favorite that only console are pathetic, why bother calling them self gamers when they are trolling over a forum and not playing games at all."

If you take Sir_Ken_Kutaragi serious then you need help if you're gamer yourself you wouldn't care at all

Like i don't care what
MetalGearRising does in the PS3 section

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shadowfox3476d ago

I feel like the Da Vinci code was just solved right before my eyes... It's the only thing that makes sense!

komp3476d ago

Even Nostradamus predicted the PS3

shadowfox3476d ago

All your base are belong to PlayStation! You have no chance to survive, make your time!

No FanS Land3476d ago (Edited 3476d ago )

somebody set up us the alien console.

EDIT: since I'm a gamer with culture, I get his joke, whereas some of you may think he really sucks at english.

enter AYB in wikipedia. this is something everygamer should know. Just like the origin of PWN.

cyberwaffles3476d ago

that guy quoted a famous mistranslated text from a RTS game. in the game, the general was saying that he has control over all of the enemy's bases, but a bad translation of it has made it a popular line amongst gamers like the word "noob" or the konami code.

terrorofdeath3476d ago

The general said: "All your base are belong to us"
you should check out the video..pretty funny.

Hellsvacancy3476d ago

Is that a REAL game? man im missin out, maybe I should get sum crack and play it lol

Bubblez 2 the above


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