Modern Warfare 2: Avatar Clothes Confirmed

Robert Bowling from Infinity Ward confirmed avatar clothes for Modern Warfare 2.

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GWAVE3298d ago

Nah, I'm not a big fan of milk.

ZombieAutopsy3298d ago

what if they throw in some cookies??

JokesOnYou3297d ago

what if the milk tastes like ps koolaid?, lol


Chubear3297d ago

Gee, all this support for 2D clothing for 360 miis. Who would have thunk it when the same people supporting this were the same ones laughing and dissing supporters of HOME avatars. Interesting.

deadreckoning6663297d ago

Even if they did stuff for Home, I wouldn't buy. I haven't been there in months

lokin3297d ago

thunk? really man... thunk?

ShadowCK3297d ago

I believe you'll be able to unlock the clothing in the Campaign.

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Chubear3297d ago

Have more realistic, 3D, looking clothing on way more realistic looking avatars that can walk around and chat, game, watch movies & trailers, listen to music, dance and interact in several different ways with every other avatar world wide that aren't even on a friends list - "lolz what an utter fail and so crap!"

Have crap 2D looking clothing on a miniature fairy land avatar that has what's got to be the gayest looking stance on the planet and can only spin in one place and burp with only people on your friends list can see - "Yes, this is the one I will support with my money cause it sooo much better than that PSN HOME avatar crap"

... the 360fanbase are fools of the highest order for sure. This is why MS uses them like raggs to push their crap arsed products cause only utter fools prefer a 1980 VW beetle to a 2009 Mercedes. Honestly, how stupid do you have to be to have a 360 as you preferred primary console for "entertainment"

Shane Kim3297d ago

Don't forget BAM....there you have it.

camachoreloaded88063297d ago

the 360 is playing my personal music while I'm enjoying a videogame. After that I'm gonna get on the Netflix instant streaming and check out a movie.

Yeah, what a horrible entertainment console.

HOME is cool, but's a time-killer. Dancing around with people I don't know in a virtual reality is something I resort to when I'm bored as hell, not something I think about doing daily.

shutupandplay3297d ago


I can have up to 8 people in any party across any game
I can have my choice of music in any game
I can have netflix movies streamed instantly
I have the biggest collection of games to choose from
I have the best arcade collection to choose from
I am greeted with new arcade game demos, IGN insider tips, community playdates and more daily
I can have the free 1 vs 100, great community experience
I can seamlessly get friends to come play with me
I can seamlessly join friends
I can pop off my HDD in a second, and bring it anywhere
I can recover my profile on a friend`s console and still get achievements
I am treated with the biggest and best, most competitive online community, where you can still find games in COD2
Those who use Twitter and Facebook will be in awe at the new features soon
I can play my old xbox games
I get exclusive content such as fallout 3
Achievements that come standard with every game since launch, I can compare myself to my friends and they can compare with me

Sorry to ruin your fun chubear, I just felt like being a d1ck.

AliTheBrit3297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

What you don't seem to understand is.

Avatars are just like a little add-on, which bring more life to the friend list and socialising on Xbox Live

As well as that there's Avatar GAMES remember that word? GAME?

Home on the overhand is just second life, it doesn't increase the friend list or socialising at all, because you have to go into it..See its still a "beta" apparently, wait for it to load up..wait for it to yet again install updates, then walk around a blank sterile place with random people coming up and dancing at

In short, Avatars are fun, Home is not, who the hell actually uses home anyway? Shouldn't they be playing the amazing never ending line up of PS3 exclusives? LOL

Oh, and you just got owned by Shutupandplay xD

camachoreloaded88063297d ago

Now that that's been settled...just shut up and play everyone. =)

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rmedtx8883297d ago

I'm sorry... am I the only one who thinks the Xbox avatars are horrible. I can't stand them.

Sarcasm3297d ago

No you're not, I don't care much for them either.

rogimusprime3297d ago

they gave you free clothes for buying the game? Or once your gamerscore reaches a certain point for MW2, you can u unlock free avatar clothes. It would be nice if they provided SOME incentives instead of just blindly charging you MS points.

Blaze9293297d ago

I love how Microsoft isnt updating the Free Avatar clothes anymore. Just as expected. *sigh*, typical

chaosatom3297d ago

You should add /Sarcasm at the end.

So after reading your name, people don't get confused.

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mrv3213297d ago

Seeing as I'm buying MW 2 second hand as not to support Activision I highly doubt I'll get these.

deadreckoning6663297d ago

@mrv- If u buy MW2 second hand, do u also hurt Infinity Ward somehow?
If not, then ill do the same.

mrv3213297d ago

Well by buying it second hand I'm not buying it from a store and so activision gets nothing.

While the gamers at my second hand store do get money.

Publishers only get money from copies sold from retailers, after that they earn nothing.

SixZeroFour3297d ago

which is why they are usually against pre-used copies being sold at retailers

LevDog3297d ago

Awesome.. Im going sell my Ps3, Grab a 360 just to take advantage of new clothes for avatars.. WOOOOO YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Sarcasm3297d ago

Aww what happen to your avatar? It's no longer bootilicious

LevDog3297d ago

HAHA.. The GF Caught me.. I got in trouble a lil bit.. She made me put a more practical pic of her on here.. I would change it back but, she is aware and makes me show her what it is.. :(

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