Heavenly Sword lead programmer impressed by Cell, appreciates Microsoft tools

A blogger at has expressed his worry after reading the blogs of Heavenly Sword's lead programmer. In it the programmer explains all the XNA programming he does in his spare time, yet there is little mention of the PS3 and Heavenly Sword development. This blogger then goes onto infer that Heavenly Sword's programmer "despises" working on the PS3. But no cheese for this guy, the lead programmer has responded after being both annoyed and amused at the inferences.

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candystop4583d ago

I wonder if we are going to see any actual Xna games created by big developers anytime soon? The way they made it sound 2 to 3 years ago was that these tools would make art the main focus and way less programming which resulted in quicker and more realistic games being made! It's ashame MS passed on this game because I think they wanted to come out on 360 and went Sony at the last minute!

Violater4583d ago

If they had not passed on it this would have been their response to God of War, and I would have been forced to own a PS3 and a 360.

kamakazi4583d ago

well put violater. bubble for you.

decapitator4583d ago

you violator, that said this game will totolly rule.

ThaGeNeCySt4582d ago

good point Violater, i think MS is banking on Too Human to be the answer to God of War but who knows

nice read Deep

techie4582d ago

Although good point Vio, the myth of that story lives on. Microsoft and Ninja Theory agreed was not MS passing on Heavenly Sword. 3 years ago HS was one of the most impressive games seen at places like GDC when they were looking for a publisher...people wouldn't stop following them around.

The got three offers.

1. We really like it, but can it be on current systems (ps2 or Xbox)?

2. We like it, but we can't offer you the funs ($30million) about a third of that.

3. We like it...we'll give you everything you need.

Number three clinched the deal...that is until this publisher said that they wanted to buy Ninja Theory and have them all move to the US to be under one roof. So Ninja Theory said f**k em. They then started to mortgage their houses to fund the project...until a certain company said they loved the project and would give them the freedom they needed without buying them out.

I don't know which one Microsoft was...1, 2 or 3?

InMyOpinion4582d ago

Good point indeed. Who knows, although I doubt it, Ninja theory might release some future title on the 360 as well. It's getting harder and harder for developers and publishers to keep their titles exclusive to only one platform.

techie4582d ago

"It's getting harder and harder for developers and publishers to keep their titles exclusive to only one platform."

Perhaps Jenzo. They may well do...depends what they want to do. They've put a lot of effort into the PS3...let alone a lot of there team is from SCE Cambridge, and Sony funded them about $30million and stopped them from remortgaging their houses. But I'm sure they want to dabble in the 360 as well.

InMyOpinion4582d ago

@Deep - I think making money weighs heavier than sentimental value when it comes to the entertainment industry =)
I'm not sure about that reason either, mortgaging their houses...It sounds a bit exaggerated. Good advertisement for Sony though =) Makes them look like the Mother Theresa of publishers. I get your point though. I would'nt want to develop games for a publisher that mistreated my company.

techie4582d ago

lol...the point was they are making money through Sony...hence they didnt have to mortgage their houses :P

Lord Anubis4582d ago


Its unlikely they'll develop anything for other company other than Sony for they have invested in the PS3 architecture and they now understand the system. It would be illogical for them to start anew. Unless a platform holder really wants them to develop for them an is willing to let go of some cash.

Why o why4582d ago

deep, are you like a fly on the wall or something. I suppose if you told us ur sources you'd have to kill us huh, huh. Nice find

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Expy4582d ago

Good article. Sad however that this programmer doesn't like programming for the Playstation 3 regardless of the fact that for him personally the SPEs are the best thing that has ever happened to him in console gaming. If Heavenly Sword plays like it's expected to, we can only imagine how a real Playstation 3 programmer will make future games.

techie4582d ago

Did you read the article!? The programmer both likes working on the PS3 (he finds it relaxing) AND he has broken new ground with both the RSX and Cell. He has got 2500 AI running just on the SPU's. He's formed a system to get both 4xMSAA and HDR running at the same time on RSX and Cell.

SOmehow it seems you read the ps3blog, and not this article from swank including the programmers reply. He is gotten really into the spu's and rsx...more so than most other devs. A programmer who is really committed and likes how the spu's keep giving and giving.

"we can only imagine how a real Playstation 3 programmer will make future games." - he's one of the best in the business and pioneered RSX and Cell use which is now a standard among ps3 devs. "a real ps3 programmer" sheesh

WilliamRLBaker4582d ago

Not sure what i just read but i think the jist was a whining match between bloggers...

sonarus4582d ago

think their answer to god of war is too human

Violater4582d ago

Its an attempt at being an answer. I think GOW has successfully cemented itself an AAA game something neither Heavenly Sword nor Too Human can boast as yet.
Much is yet to be seen from HS and we will, the media these days seem to be more critical of the Game b/c they have not seen it all.

DADO4582d ago

He said the same thing as the other developers in different words. The cell keeps giving and giving and giving. That means that the potential of the call has not even been touched. What will games look like in 2 to 3 Years.?

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