Tale of Tales hints at rebirth of old project

Independent developers Tale of Tales today announced that they are debt-free, having sold around 35,000 units of their well-received art game The Path.

"We're happy to announce that today we paid off our loan to CultuurInvest for the production of The Path," wrote Michaël Samyn, on the developer's blog. "The loan only covers part of the entire production budget. But the rest was funded with subsidies and art grants with much more modest expectations of return on investment."

Samyn said this means that all further income from The Path will go directly back to the Belgium-based studio. But he also hinted as to where, specifically, this money would go.

"As of now, every copy of The Path sold contributes to new Tales of Tales! Or returning to an old one…" he said, linking the final sentence to the website of on-hiatus project 8. 8 was to be an early project by Tale of Tales, but was put on indefinite hold after the studio was unable to fund continued development.

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