GamersDailyNews: Where's Waldo?: The Fantastic Journey Review

When I was assigned to cover this game, the conversation went something like: "Hey, you're reviewing Where's Waldo." "No I'm not. It's not on the Virtual Console and I'm not digging up an NES for it." "This is a new version for the Wii. You're reviewing it." "...Oh. Okay." And that's how I wound up playing what amounts to a Where's Waldo book in electronic form. For those not familiar with the long-running franchise, the premise of something of a visual scavenger hunt; you're presented with a huge drawing with all kinds of activity going on, and you have to find certain characters and items in the mess. This almost always includes the brown-haired man in the red and white striped shirt, Waldo, and there is a certain charm to his adventures; that Waldo books are still selling today is a good indication someone out there enjoys this.

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