Resolution: PSP Gone: Has Sony doomed its new handheld?

Resolution writes: "At first, it was minor details like its short battery life and the loss of a mini-USB port. But it got worse once Sony announced that those with UMD titles would no longer be able to trade them in for free downloads of the library they'd already spent considerable amounts of money acquiring. To tell the world you'll be supporting loyal customers with backwards compatibility, only to let them down, with one console is extremely bad business practise. To do it with a second is bordering on financial suicide.

People buying the PS3 Slim seem pleased with their purchases, but there's always going to be the constant complaint that, yes, for all the new features and slimmed-down loveliness of the thing, it's a low blow not to include the PS2 compatibility the first version was blessed with. Now the PSP Go faces the same problem, with Sony customers everywhere confused as to why they can't upgrade to the new hardware without re-purchasing all the software."

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KR1ST0F3R3384d ago

A title with the words "sony" and "doomed" in it.

3384d ago
Information Minister3384d ago

Those are not wise words. You're just begging for someone to reply "so does your mum".

dragunrising3384d ago (Edited 3384d ago )

I'm tired of all the PSP Go complaints. If you get one, you should know what your getting into. Backwards compatibility? No one should expect it. Game journalism these days seems to boil down to whining.

Shadow Man3384d ago

"the loss of a mini-USB port" Sonys biggest mistake yet!!!

Information Minister3384d ago (Edited 3384d ago )

Is it "Sony is doomed" season again?

EDIT - This is ridiculous. No one is being forced to upgrade to the PSPgo. People with a UMD collection most probably already own a regular PSP (why would they have UMDs and no PSP?) and support will be the same for both versions of the system. This is a non-issue.

dreamcast3384d ago

Yeah, the PSP Go is obviously targeted at people who don't have a PSP.

gumgum993384d ago (Edited 3384d ago )

Elmer Fudd: Shh!! be verry verry qwiet...I'm hunting Sonies.


stephmhishot3384d ago

Where was it written in stone that people who own UMD-PSP's must go purchase the GO and re-buy all of their games??? Why is everyone on the INTERNETZZZ acting like Sony is forcing people who already own PSPs to buy this godforsaken thing???? Do these people walk into a best buy and see this on the shelf and start Hulking up in anger at its mere existence? Christ, so aggravating.

Shadow Man3384d ago

just bend over and take it like a man.

Saaking3384d ago

Not as much as the failbox. The PSP GO is for new owners NOT people who already have one. Besides the 3000 model will still be supported.

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The story is too old to be commented.