Popular Mechanics cranks out another ten HDTV myths

Truthfully, it's quite sad that these top ten lists of HDTV myths keep popping up, as it just reinforces the sad truth that many folks are still mystified by the prospect of HDTV.

Nevertheless, Popular Mechanics has doled out its own version of the woefully popular rundown, and making the cut are the ever popular tall-tales that an HD set-top-box is somehow required to receive any HD programming, a 1080p TV is unquestionably superior to a 720p counterpart, and that an HDTV will magically convert all programming to stunning high-definition.

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ItsDubC4582d ago

Here are the 10 myths for anyone who doesn't want to step through all 10 pages:

Myth #1
You need a cable or satellite TV subscription to watch HDTV programs.

Myth #2
You can buy a flat-panel HDTV with 1080i resolution.

Myth #3
HD video can’t be recorded to regular DVDs.

Myth #4
A 1080p TV is always better than a 720p TV.

Myth #5
An HDTV set automatically converts all programs it receives to HDTV.

Myth #6
All flat-panel televisions are high-definition.

Myth #7
To get the best-quality HD, you need expensive cables.

Myth #8
HDTV means consistent picture quality.

Myth #9
All 1080p HDTVs accept 1080p input signals.

Myth #10
Blu-ray and HD-DVD discs always offer the highest possible resolution.

M_Prime4581d ago

well this would be good for any person thats new to this HD thing.. i don't have any HD sets in my house but i pretty much knew all that..

also MYTH 4

when they were talking about it.. it seems like 720p would do for now but ultimatly 1080p tv would last you longer since a 1080p can display 720p (if i understand HD correctly, though there may need to be a scaler somewhere in the picture) but a 720p will not take a 1080p signal without a scalar, which i'm pretty sure of..

i dunno.. PS3 and 360 aim at a HD market but lets face it.. its not gonna be a standard for a few more years.. i'll stick with my SDTV for now.. it does the job..

as for HD programing i find its just lacking.. on Digital cable here u can get a few dozen.. and on satalite here there is i think 10HD movie channels and a few more regular HD channels.. but everything else is SD.. so having an HD set is pointless in my eyes at this moment for me.. mind u i don't have a PS3 or 360 yet.