Lookin' Back #23 - Cannon Fodder

Brutal Gamer writes "War has never been so much fun.

Back in the day, there was a well known British developer by the name of Sensible Software, who created a few games for a few systems back in the late 80s and 90s. They created Sensible Soccer, of course, but one of the most fun Sensible games I ever played was the excellent Cannon Fodder."

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NewZealander3479d ago

I want this game to come out on live or psn I loved this game when It was on my amega 500

Picnic3479d ago

Cannon Fodder was a good and a hard game. Being top down, Sensible Software games never had the best graphics but 'War never been so much fun' is one of the best videogame songs. Making the sequel about aliens didn't do much for me - and Cannon Fodder 2 was an even harder game.

The game also had its satirical edge blunted when it removed the elegant red poppy image from its front cover after complaints from the Royal British Legion and pathetic newspapers, replacing it with cartoon soldiers.