OXCGN's Amazing Vehicles – The Water 'Python', A Camaro Chick Magnet

OXCGN writes:
"So here's something just a little bit different to make you grin. And I thought girls hated snakes . . . Now if we could only do this in Forza 3, I'd be so happy.

We've shown you the fastest Corvette in the world, which can go from 0-60mph in ONE SECOND, yes, that's right One (1) Second (check further down this LONG list and you'll find the video and details on the fastest Vette in the world) and, as we are always wanting to bring to your attention most things car related, and also a little bit quirky, how about we add another."

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XboxOZ3604855d ago

You just have to love the inventive minds of some individuals . . without which we simply would not have such beasts.

Check the girls out when they roll (err-umm float) past a bevy or beach-babs one Sunday . .they loved it.

Now if games like Forza 3 or GT5 etc etc could introduce customization like this, well, we wouldn't have to leave the house . .now would we.

Oh wait, many gamers don't already - silly me.

darkmurder4855d ago

Love the smooth transition from land to water haha.

gaminoz4855d ago

Yeah you'd never have to worry about flooding!